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Erotic Stories


HTHGS: Feminized – an erotic story by the subscriber XXXer24

 A couple of years ago my Mistress gave me instructions.  First, go to a lingerie and dress store and buy some sexy lingerie, including having the sales staff assist me in sizing, trying on for fit, etc..  If I were to return without these items, and not wearing them, I was in for severe punishment that a sissy boy deserves for not following Mistress’ orders.

 I went to a lingerie store and explained my situation to a saleslady.  She, smirking at first, understood and proceeded to assist me.  My instructions were to buy a sexy thong, stocking, garter belt and babydoll, bra and a sexy dress (all in black).  The saleslady was very helpful in assisting my search and took my sizes.  I was embarrassed at first; with all the other persons in the store seeming to observe what was occurring.  I soon overcame this embarrassment, however, after we went to the dressing rooms out of sight of the general public eye.

 Fortunately, the saleslady found some very sexy, and expensive, lingerie that both fit me and she remarked how good I looked in stockings.  I have very little hair on my legs and have not shaved… yet.  She even got two other women salesclerks to the dressing area to view the “show”.  We did have a difficult time getting my cock to stay limp for its proper tucking away and I was under strict instruction not to cum, by any means.  The women assisting me remarked that in order for me to properly wear the thong I should relieve myself and offered to help me, but I informed them that I was under instruction not to although her offer made me even harder and taking longer for me to relax.

 After completing the search I proceeded to pay for my purchase and leave to see Mistress, fully dressed underneath my street clothes with my new lingerie wardrobe.  First, Mistress ordered me to undress and put on the dress that I had bought.  She said she approved, then ordered me to shave my entire body, including under my arms.  I did and then she proceeded to do me in full makeup and wig.  She had already purchased a pair of 5-inch heels for me to wear.  Once completed, she told me that we were now going back to the lingerie store so she could meet the women who had assisted me and to purchase some more.  Now I had never gone in public before, but I felt very sexy and was very excited, nervous and yet relaxed at the same time.

 We arrived at the store and I pointed out the saleslady that assisted me to Mistress.  We approached the saleslady and at first she did not recognize me, but at second glance she looked very surprised, recognizing the same dress she had sold me only a few hours earlier.  I introduced Mistress to her and Mistress proceeded to inform her that we were going to buy a complete wardrobe of lingerie and dresses.  I must say that the shopping experience was exhilarating.

 Once in the dressing rooms, after trying on several outfits, Mistress instructed me to lift her skirt (she never wears underwear) and lick her clit.  She said don’t worry if anyone came in.  Sure enough, the saleslady came into our dressing room while I was on my knees tonguing out Mistress.  She smilingly approved and asked Mistress if she could get off, too.  Mistress told her that of course she could and that I was to do anything asked of me, being the sissy slut that she had transformed me into.

 I then began working on the saleswoman and she was very wet, soon cumming without abandon.  After the saleslady came, she asked Mistress if she could do anything she wanted and that she wanted to fuck me!  Mistress said she anticipated this for herself and was prepared and that she didn’t mind that the saleslady be the first to fuck this virgin slut.  Mistress pulled a 7-inch strap on from her bag.  I was very nervous, having never been fucked in the ass before.

 Mistress lubed my asshole up good, working one, and then two fingers in while the saleslady undressed and put on the strap on dildo.  I was told to get on all fours and prepare to be fucked like the sissy slut that I was deserved.

 Although uncomfortable at first, the saleslady went slow and was careful not to penetrate too far.  As she sensed me becoming more relaxed and my new fuck hole accepting of this hard rubber cock, she penetrated further and further until all 7 inches were buried in me.  I was rock hard and loving being penetrated and explored in this way.  She began pumping and I exploded with a stream of cum.

 Spent, we cleaned up paid for our purchases and left.  Before we left, Mistress told the saleslady that she was welcome to visit anytime she wanted to fuck me.  This was something I looked forward to and she visited us every week thereafter until I moved away. 

 I miss Mistress.

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HTHGS Erotic Wrestling (Written by a subscriber, Champman (A-Man))

 Wrestle-X title by A-Man... a mixed combat featuring wrestling, domination, violence and sex

 Tonight features another exciting championship match for the Wrestle-X title. Wrestle-X is a new underground inter-gender sports phenomena that is sweeping the country. The contest involves a match between a male and female, in which, not only does one destroy the other physically, but the match must conclude in a final sexual humiliation. It incorporates the finest points in sports entertainment of the day... violence, domination and sex.

 For the first nine months this match or mismatch as some have called it, has ended with the title belonging to the male champion known as "The Wild Stallion". He has viciously brutalized and beaten twelve different women in savage contests in which the females appeared outclassed and overmatched. The Wild Stallion or Bull Nelson, his real name, loves to pulverize his female opponent and enjoys crushing them for his complete victory. He has always maintained that women do not belong in the ring with him and he proves it with each frightening display. Constantly bragging on the fashion in which he destroys his opponents has drawn the wrath from his next prospective opponent.  The confident Wild Stallion has gladly outlined his successful battle strategy in demolishing his victims. First he defeats them physically, demonstrating his superior strength and wrestling skills, pinning them with various maneuvers from his devastating arsenal. He especially savors the looks of fear, that appear in their eyes, as they realize they cannot defeat this massive male physical specimen. He then, usually changes tactics and begins to toy with his opponent to demoralize them further. They begin to sense, that he is unbeatable and try to escape his sadistic domination, but that is impossible. Bull Nelson, the Wild stallion, consistently demonstrates that he is in total control in every match at all times. The pay-per-view crowds always thoroughly enjoy his masterful and artistic performance crushing his female opponent. The challengers each time have entered the ring like a wild lioness ready for battle, only to be turned into frightened rabbits, subject to his awesome power.

 Finally after sufficiently destroying his opponent, this great showman is always entertaining with his big finish. He drags his female opponent around the ring by her hair, like a true caveman, so the entire crowd can view her one last time and increase her embarrassment as much as possible. Usually by now she is sobbing or pleading for mercy. The evil grinning champion finally drags her to the center of the ring forcing his opponent to her knees in front of him, directly in line with his enormous genitals. He drops his loincloth revealing his stunning sexual sword and rams his manhood, as roughly and deeply down her throat as possible. She gags and chokes from the mammoth utensil forced between her lips, but she is defenseless and cannot resist. With a fist full of hair he forces her mouth to inhale his shaft in its entirety, a spectacular display of dominating pleasure. The entire finishing episode lasts as long as he desires for a dramatic erotic finish. Finally there is a massive cannon explosion in which he fires directly his load directly into her face. To the delight of his captive audience, he then forces her to lick him clean.Only then does the Wild Stallion release his humiliated victim. The defeated female usually curls up in a ball of tears and shame, as he struts around the ring as the ultimate superman, the one no woman could break...The Wild Stallion.

 This brings us to this evening's event, which features another sold out arena. 5,000 fans paying top dollar to witness this 21st century gladiator event. Those unable to witness it live have purchased their pay-per-view tickets long ago. Total audience estimates exceed half a million.

 Now for tonight's combatants. First entering the ring, the challenger known as The Kat. Topless, she is dressed only in a leopard thong . She is 5'9", tall and weighs in at 165. Her delicious 38 inch chest and dark flowing hair on her smooth silky skin make for his most sensual adversary yet. She has vowed to avenge the honor of her sisterhood previously defiled by disgusting creature known as The Wild Stallion. She has guaranteed to the media that she will be the one to finally break him, and there will be no doubt about it when she is finished with him.

 The champion, Bull Nelson, The Wild Stallion enters the ring in his familiar black loincloth. The warrior comes in at 6'3", 240 lbs. with a movie star face and a chiseled physique unparalleled in the wrestling world today. He has vowed another bitch will fall tonight and meet his manhood. He will turn the tigress known as The Kat into a docile pussycat when he's done with her. 

 Obviously there is no love lost on these two opponents.

 The crowd is hyped in wild anticipation as the bell sounds and the two gladiators advance. They circle each other carefully. The Kat is a well-composed mixture of oozing confidence and sexuality, but would that be enough against this massive barbarian?

The Stallion feints an attempt for a leg takedown and instead clotheslines a very surprised Kat. Very quickly she is knocked to the canvas. She has no time to be annoyed at falling for such a routine rookie trick as now he picks her up and whips her into the turnbuckle with a sickening thud. He grabs her again and whips her into the diagonal turnbuckle with the same result. This is gonna' be a piece of cake, he boasts. He follows her into the corner with a knee drop to her  midsection. The audience is accustomed to these turn of events as The Kat now sags groggily on the ropes. She is momentarily dazed.  He capitalizes on his advantage and sends several punches deep into her fleshy mounds which turn The Kat's expression to one of agony. Pressing his advantage further, The Stallion displays his patented sadistic grin to his fans, as he grips those  lovely 38 inch breasts of his opponent. The heinous brute hasn't the slightest intention of fondling them or caressing them in a loving manner at all. His expression is that of a wild man, squeezing with all his strength, those luscious breasts in a totally unnatural and perverted manner. The blood curling scream from The Kat brought sheer delight to the champion. Still griping the tortured breasts, he flipped her over into the center of the ring. The Kat just laid there in agony, her breasts swollen, turning a shade of violet not seen at the beginning of the match. He picked her up by the hair and whipped her into the ropes. He went to clothesline her again, but miraculously she deftly ducked under his arm, flung herself off the far ropes and instead  clotheslined a very startled champion. It was move out of sheer desperation and salvation on the part of The Kat. Just maybe, she used up another of her nine live with that one.

 Bull Nelson, the champion, got up first and dragged her to her knees, but the Kat knowing she needed to show some offense, now or never, struck quickly. She drove her fist skyward into his neatly adorned loincloth. He stopped dead in his tracks. The feeling of the well placed punch to the groin will stop any male in his tracks and he will, under any circumstances, need a moment to recover. Alas, he was given no quarter and the aroused tigress struck again and you could almost feel the momentum being sucked out of the champion as he stood motionless.

 Slowly regaining her footing and not feeling her tortured breasts one bit, The Kat flung the champion into the ropes and kneed him in his abdomen. He dropped to one knee. This was a milestone, it was the first time in the history of Wrestle-X matches that the female gained any advantage at all during a match.

 The Kat, ever now the tigress pressed her advantage, she dragged him to his feet and whipped him to the corner.

 She dove in after him landing another knee to his solarplexes. With an amazing feat of strength, she grabbed him by the neck and flipped him over her back on to the mat in the center of the ring. He bounced, flipped onto his stomach and  laid motionless for an instant. The wildcat pounced on him before he could move another muscle. She delivered a well-placed elbow drop to the center of his back. He howled in pain. She got up and repeated her elbow drop. Over and over until there was a wide red indentation in his back from her elbow. Satisfied with the damage inflicted, she climbed onto his sore back and grabbed his head by the hair and rammed it face-first into the canvas, at least twenty times. She then applied a horrific and extremely painful chin lock to the champion. His pitiful face was contorted in pain. Then it was back to ramming his face into the canvas. The crazed amazon then put him in an agonizing full-nelson demonstrating her surprising arm strength, much to The Wild Stallion's dismay. Bending him backwards with her body firmly panted on his back, you could almost feel the suffering he was enduring at the hands of his smaller adversary.  Back to ramming his head into the mat, the champion was on his way to being beaten senseless. A satisfied, devilish grin crept across her face as she looked down at The Stallion, who was not looking to wild at the moment.

 She stood before him and lifted his legs, spreading them, as if to make a wish. Her wish was to elbow drop him right on his family jewels, which of course, she did. Och! He awoke with a sharp scream, in reaction to the devastating blow. The Kat was in her glory, totally focused now, as she again dragged him to his feet and whipped him into the corner. The champion seemed increasingly  unable to resist her machine-like attack. He was becoming a playtoy for the wild tigress and the blood-thirsty crowd was loving it. The champion found himself in the unusual position of being backed into a corner.

The Kat, now the huntress, enjoying this game immensely moved towards the corner stalking her prey.

 The champion looked almost afraid and very much on the defensive. The Kat licked her lips as she moved in, sensing the sign of fear in the wild man's eyes.She could almost smell his fear and she attacked.

 Like a lightning bolt she struck with a vicious clothesline. She judo-chopped the champion with the sound ringing loudly thruout the arena. His chest turned a new shade of crimson. She brought her knee into his genitals with such force, his testicles were almost knocked back up into his body. Enjoying his agony she repeated this maneuver until tears welled up in his eyes.This was the man who claimed that he did not know the meaning of pain. The Kat now stood on the bottom rope, so she could see directly into the terrified face of her adversary. He tried to push her off, but she was stronger now and in total control. She began to pound his face with an incredible barrage of punches. She was a ball of energy, with rapid fire punches connecting with out mercy. He was utterly and totally defenseless to her onslaught. His eyes were swollen shut and blackened, his nose broken, then his jaw, teeth flying into the crowd. They loved this intense action. The champion was now, even too weak to scream. The bitch demon pulverized his once magnificent body until it was merely a mass of pathetic red and purple bruises.

He sagged barely conscious on the ropes. This was certainly hellish end for the once invincible champion.

 The Kat had beaten the champion to a bloody pulp. but she was not quite done. It was now time for her to claim the title. How would she finish him? She dragged his once proud carcass to the center of the ring and ripped off his loincloth, exposing a well sized appendage.  She knelt down next to him and noticed he was almost unconscious again. She slapped him a few times, just to wake him up. In a weak whimpery voice he tried to plead for mercy. He begged her to stop, but The Kat just purred and assured him it would all be over soon. She then placed one knee on his throat to prevent his pathetic cries.

 Now everyone knows that masturbation or the art of a woman providing a man a hand job provides a great deal of pleasure; however the dominating female, taking total control of the male member and forcing him to come against his will is not at all pleasurable to him and is known as the art of milking. This was The Kat's plan "to milk" him.

 With her left hand she reached down and violently gripped his manhood. This was not a playful or sensual grip, but a hard controlling vice-like grip. She savagely squeezed his manhood as now it belonged to her. Almost as if she meant to squeeze the life from his manhood, she dug her fingernails deep into his skin to accentuate her controlling, dominating grip. He would have loved to cry out from the pain, but he was speechless and dared say nothing. Slowly and methodically she brought his member to attention. This was fun for The Kat and the crowd cheered their approval.

 Small tracks of blood dripped from his shaft which only delighted and aroused her more.  She quickened the relentless pace of her charge to victory. As she began to sense, he was nearing his explosion, she removed her knee from his neck. With her right hand she picked his head up by the hair so he could see, first-hand, his final humiliation and defeat. In a frantic conclusion, his manhood released its payload. The Kat, quite a natural show-person herself, did not miss a trick. She directed his load so that it all landed on him, from his chin, all across his scarlet chest. He passed into the night and she finally allowed him to rest. It was over, there was a new champion! The Kat now stood facing the crowd as the new hardcore Wrestle-X Champion. With one more amazing surge of power, she picked up the lifeless form of the ex-champ with one hand, solely by his mangled male member.

 She held him aloft for all to see. Here was the destroyed, former unbroken Wild Stallion with his head and arms dangling in the ring. With his bloodied and battered body hanging in her grasp, he resembled a slab of meat from a local slaughterhouse, more than the perfect specimen of a male champion that had entered the ring.

 The Kat looked more beautiful and sexier than ever. Covered in a glaze of combat sweat, mixed with a spattering of her opponents blood, she was the perfect covergirl as the new Wrestle-X champion.

-Champman (A-Man)


HTHGS:  Service 168, an erotic story (written by Amber, a subscriber)


                My boyfriend Daniel had always been a little too adventurous in our sexual life than I had originally liked.  Pursued efforts in public places had often led to us being caught by security guards or had ended in disputes, but this holiday a change of attitude was in order.

                I felt embarrassed entering a sex shop. Although I had already been in there once I felt intimidated yet slightly aroused looking at all the items on display. As we strolled the shop Daniel started softly whispering in my ear of what he was going to purchase and exactly what he would like to do with them. Between bouts of explicit descriptions Daniel softly kissed and nibbled on my ear lobes. As my eyes flicked over the assortment of massage oils, handcuffs and condoms I could feel myself getting wetter as my mind pictured Daniel slowly licking my nipples while I was handcuffed to his bed.

                I was getting excited and Daniel knew it, he played on my aroused state with more explicit tales of what might be in store. By the time we had reached the vibrators I could feel a definite wet patch on my g-string, and a definite bulge in Daniel’s pants as he hugged me from behind. I was being asked to make a decision for our sex life, “Which one do you think you would like honey?” Daniel whispered. As I was looking over the range thinking what I would like to do right there and then Daniel had reached around from behind me and was playing with my erect nipples through my bra and dress. My hormones racing at the thought of actually owing a vibrator for the first time and the open publicity of Daniel playing with my nipples only made me more excited as my cheeks flushed red and my breathing quickened.

                After making our purchases we left the shop under the curious eye of the male shopkeeper. Daniel whispered, “Can’t wait till we use these………” teasing me knowing that we had a full two hour bus trip home. I was so turned on at that moment I could have taken Daniel into a side alley and begged him to fill me but that would only satisfy Daniel’s lust for publicity. I had frequently been excited to the point where I could have exploded just so Daniel could get add some public attraction into our love life.

Boarding our coach, Service 168, I was still excited but maybe not as much as before. Being the gentleman Daniel offered me the window seat, but instead of sitting down Daniel leaned over and kissed me. I welcomed his sweet lips against mine and I parted my flushed lips as his warm tongue embraced mine over and over in a kiss purely designed to keep me on the edge.

                Daniel remained standing until the coach pulled away from the terminal. I had gotten cozy reading some erotic stories from my Australians Women’s Forum when I felt a strong hand on my leg. I looked up to see Daniel looking at me with a mischievous grin and a glint in his eye that told me that he was up to something. As he sat down I parted my legs to welcome his hand sliding up my legs. Being excited by the situation we embraced in another passionate kiss before his hand met my wet g-string. With another grin Daniel slipped his fingers under the lace trim and elastic and began to stroke my outer lips in an agonizingly slow fashion.

                Daniel had a method of arousing me that was painfully slow but he knew that I wanted it. Carefully looking around to make sure no-one was watching I noticed that no-one had sit in the two back seats behind us or in the very back seat. As my mind began to wander Daniel had slipped off one shoulder strap on my dress and bra and began to slowly lick on my nipple. I absolutely loved my nipples being licked so this wave of pleasure blended with the feeling of Daniel stroking my now soaking wet pussy made me recoil in pleasure and sink back into my seat. After alternating from nipple to nipple, caressing my breasts with his free hand, Daniel became more adventurous and started rubbing the opening of my wet hole and clitoris.

                Looking at me once more with an excited look Daniel motioned with his eyes to the very back seat. Now I realized what his plan was. Normally I would have instantly disagreed, but the thought of the threat of being caught having sex in public combined with the waves of pleasure I was feeling my mind had no choice as my body only begged for more.

Without either of us having to say a word Daniel was in the back seat hidden by the last row in from of him with his pants off and his firm member standing tall for all to see. The sight of Daniel’s manhood excited me as my pussy ached to be filled. The anticipation grew as I eased my g-string from under my dress; Daniel squirmed with pleasure as he caught a glimpse of my shiny, wet mop of pubic hair. Straddling Daniel’s legs in the same seat we kept as low as possible to avoid actually being seen. As I moved over him his large cock brushed against my inner thigh sending a shiver through my legs, setting the scene for an electrifying sex session.

                I eased myself onto his cock engulfing the whole length as my clitoris grinded on his pubic hair, sending an electrifying shock through my body. Neither Daniel nor I could see past the back seat and the constant though of being caught racing through my mind made my body quiver with excitement. With Daniel’s firm hands massaging my breasts I slowly began to ride him, allowing his cock to slide in and out of my highly excited hole. Each time I slid down his cock I felt it rub in the inside of my vagina and my clitoris grinding on his pubic mound. I could feel Daniel’s width stretch me and with each stroke my pace and breath became quicker and quicker.

                I had to bite down on my lip and place my thumb in Daniel’s mouth to stop the grunts and sigh’s of pleasure escaping and revealing to other passengers our heated activities.

                Daniel’s cock was filling me more and more as I started riding faster and faster, harder and harder, each time rubbing my enlarged clit for maximum stimulation. Our bouts of kissing exchanged with deep passion as our tongues flicked over each other’s lips and tongues.

                I could feel my orgasm start to build as the pleasure from Daniel rubbing my nipples increased. Riding faster and faster while trying to keep my head down the pleasure built up from my toes rocketing through my body as an orgasm ripped through me forcing a gasp past my lips. Slowing my pace down I noticed that Daniel’s cock was pulsating inside of me.

Covered in sweat and panting heavily I leaned down closer to kiss Daniel. He slowly traced his tongue around my lips before ending our love making session with a slow, but loving kiss.

                Looking into his eyes and feeling his quickened breathing on my face we both came to the realization that we had both just experienced our first simultaneous orgasm. After cleaning up and redressing ourselves we collapsed back into our seats exhausted. As I reclined, drained by one of the most wonderful experiences of my life, I slowly drifted into a sleep with Daniel by my side stroking my arm and gently kissing my neck. What happened with the toys we bought? That’s another story altogether.

HTHGS: Erotic story (written by AJ)  

Sandy and I are good friends and bootie-buddies. We have fun and usually split the atom where sex goes. One day Sandy (short black hair, brown eyes, 34C) says to me out of the blue,"How'd you like to do my roommate?"

"You okay with that". "Sure," she said. Her roommate of 3 years was Laura. Both are straight. Laura (long blonde hair, Pacific Blue-type body) was nice. I liked her. When I arrived, Laura greeted me wearing only a nightshirt. We both sat on the sofa. After some small talk, I said "So Sandy says you're interested in me". "That's right", said Laura.

"Great. Want to get started?" "Sure". Laura moved closer and kissed me. We held each other and I could feel her breasts against me. I rubbed her thighs and kissed her face and neck.

We stopped and she took off her nightshirt, revealing a nice set of knockers and a shaved pussy. Then she straddled my lap. "Beautiful" I said. "You can suck on them if you want", she said. I held them and licked her nipples, running my tongue around and across them. I squeezed them and slipped my tongue into her cleavage. I kept licking, caressing and kissing her tits while Laura fingered herself until she came real hard. We stopped and rested. Then I undressed and lay on the sofa and got myself hard. "I'd like that" she said. "If you sit on my face". "Deal" She started licking and sucking. I was licking her cunt lips. She took me all the way in her mouth and tightened her cheeks around me. I slid my tongue inside her and licked around. Enter Sandy. "Oooo! You two look so hot!", she said. I said, "How about if you straddle my face and Laura rides me?" "Sure!" they agreed. We moved to the floor. Laura rode me slowly and then picked up the pace. I could hear her panting and moaning. I think this made Sandy wet. "I'm gonna cum!" said Laura. "Me too" said Sandy. Together they shook and gasped and moaned. Then Sandy said to me "haven't you cum yet?". "Nope but I've enjoyed the ride". So she rode me while Laura left the room. She did so beautifully as always, fast and slow. When Laura returned, they took turns. I held back so that they could enjoy as much as they could. I mean, why not!

Written by AJ, a subscriber

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HTHGS: An erotic story 2, written by AJ

The following story is true. It’s about a terrific time with a terrific lady.  I met Elle on the net and we chatted for some time before we met. We met one warm summer night in a shopping mall and talked for awhile.  When the sun went down, I drove to a spot that I had picked out and she followed in her van.  The place was a parking lot behind a library.  I got inside of Elle’s van and got in the backseat with her and we got down to business.


We French-kissed deeply. We kissed each other’s lips and  faces. I could feel my cock growing as this is something I enjoy.  I began kissing her face and neck and she began to moan as this was something she no doubt enjoyed. (She must be getting wet, I thought). I squeezed her 38C breasts. Oh so round and firm. I ran my thumbs over her nipples. Elle’s breathing started to pick up. She then lifted her blouse to reveal a set of lovely tits. I sucked on each one, taking them deep into my mouth. “Oooh that’s nice,” she said.  Then I lightly stroked her tummy working my way down to her crotch.  She spread her legs so that I could finger her. I put two fingers inside her while she rubbed my cock through my jeans. Yes, she was wet!   A car drove past and I stopped. “What the fuck”, I said. “Don’t worry. The windows are smoked. No one can see inside”, she said. “Good” I said continuing to finger her. I probed around until I found her clit and tickled it; that made her gasp. I kept stroking it and her breathing got heavier. She moaned moving her head from side to side.  Then she came and I kept rubbing it. She got more excited and kept cumming until she asked me to stop.


After a brief rest, she unzipped my jeans, got my cock out and started stroking it to hardness.  Then she leaned over and engulfed it with her mouth. I can’t tell you how good it felt. Her head bobbing up and down, licking and kissing the head. The sight of her blowing me in the pale moonlight made me even harder. “That’s good, baby” I told her. “Reeeal good”. I was in heaven and my cock was getting so hard it hurt.  “Please sit on it”, I said “and fuck me with your blonde pussy.” She lifted her skirt, took off her panties and straddled my lap with her back to me.  She eased my dick inside her little by little. “Oh yeah that feels good” she said. “Holy shit! You’re real hard! “ She held onto the backs of the front seats. Every so often a car would drive by; neither of us cared.  She rode me slowly and I reached around and cupped her breasts in my hands. She began to ride faster. I held her hips and thrust upwards to her.  Felt wonderful with my throbbing Johnson inside her sopping wet cunt.  What a fast, frantic and frenzied fuck! I suddenly got that feeling in my nuts. And bam! Like that we came together. We didn’t care who drove by or if the van was rocking or not. (As long as the cops didn’t drive by.)

It was so good to be fucking in the summertime with the cool evening air to our favorite classic rock station. We thanked each other and went our separate ways.

Written by AJ

HTHGS:  Erotic stories (written by Alex Robboy LCSW, CAS)

Ask Alex,
I love reading your newsletters, but I miss the stories that you used to publish.  Why is it that you stopped putting them in there? Again, great work.

Dear Belle,
I post every erotic story that subscribers send to me. The problem is that people stopped writing them.  Thus, if you or anyone else write an erotic story, than readers like yourself will be able to enjoy them!
Alex Robboy, LCSW, CAS



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