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HTHGS: Crash

 One of the best things about the Coast Guard is the Port Calls, especially in the Caribbean.  One of my best port calls, and one worth writing about was Aruba.  We just got done with a drug case, and dropped the drug runners off at their home Island of Columbia, at which time I think we had been underway for about 30 days straight with no port calls…  talk about a restless crew!  We pulled in later that day to the unscheduled port call of Aruba, what a great island, and we had three days there, not bad by port call standards.  That night, the crew went a bit crazy, as expected for their first night of liberty in 30 days.  Most of the crew ended up in a pretty cool club that night, outside bars, exotic drinks, cheap beer and dancing to the one of the local Reggae bands.   For some reason I wasn't into it, most likely because I really had no luck with the ladies that night.     I was just about to leave when I saw these two tourists walk in, I was wowed - a gorgeous brunette, about 5' 8", long curly hair, dark eyes, and a knockout body.  I figured, what do I have to lose, and walked over.  I was already pretty well in the bag, so the liquid courage was running high. 


I have never really been too smooth, so when we hit it off, I was pretty happy.


After talking for a while, the normal chitchat of a first conversation, we went to the dance floor.  Man, could she dance, you could tell there was immediate sexual tension between the two of us.  I was a little shy at first, but as the dancing went on, we got closer, and grinded to the Island's reggae band.   I grabbed Lisa by the hips as we rubbed and grinded to the music, hips swirling and going down to the beat of the music.  My hands rubbing her back with just enough pressure to let her know that I wanted her.  We were really getting into it until one of the obnoxious prick locals started to accost her friend… it was a tough situation, about 20 big ass locals waiting around to see what I'd do.  I definitely didn't want to see a ship's fight that night, so decided to get the hell out of there.  I walked them both home, and got a kiss goodnight, with a promise to meet them the next day on the other side of the Island.  To my dismay, they never showed up, and I thought it was over… oh well, who says you need a girl in every port?


  Our last day there, our ship had a party one of the local beaches. I really had no idea where we were on the island - it gets confusing going through all those winding steep hills on those islands.  It wasn't until we were about to leave that I realized we were about a half-mile from Lisa's hotel!  I figured, what do I have to lose, and went for a walk.  I had the lady at the front desk call and her friend came out to get me, and led me back to their room.   She seemed happy I showed up at their hotel, so I figured this could be a good thing.


The Islands are a great place to go, everyone there is there to have a good time, hot weather, the ladies wear bikinis or sexy sundresses, drinking, dancing… and people are looking to hook up, you just have to find the right tourist.  Not that I am any Don Juan, but, some of my shipmates truly live up to the reputation of the Sailor with a girl in every port.


  I really didn't know what to expect, but the mood was right.  The sun was beginning to set over the water with a great view of the crashing waves, a nice pool right outside their room, and when Lisa saw me, she ran over to give me a big hug.  We talked for a while, and I suggested go for a swim. 

She came out in her bikini, damn she looked good, and dove into the water, and I followed right in after her.  Since I was quite a bit taller than she was,  I was able to stand, and she wrapped her legs around my back, I was supporting her with my hands on her firm ass, I getting excited already.  It really didn't take much after being underway for a month with a hundred other guys.  We paused for a moment, and looked into each other's eyes, we both wanted some action that night.  I backed her up against the pool side, pressing my hips into hers, my hands cupped her face and gave her a long passionate kiss.  My hands began to move slowly downward, caressing her breasts, gently cupping the underside, massaging her desires, making her want more.  My hands roamed her beautiful body, stroking her legs, squeezing her ass, as my mouth went down the side of her neck, kissing, sucking and licking every part of her, paying special attention to her ears.  Listening for her breathing, her sigh of sincere pleasure.  My hands, going lower, gently massaging her muff through her bikini bottom, as she gyrated her hips, and kissed me harder with more desire than ever.  Her bikini bottom was easily moved to the side, as I lightly played with her clit - slowly stroking the top of her pussy, and then gently place my finger inside her. 


She was loved every minute of it.  She paused, and said, "It's your turn now."  She quickly dove underwater, and released my hard cock from my suite, and swallowed it.  This was crazy, we were the only ones in pool, but people on every floor could see what was happening, hell we didn't care, we were in Aruba!  I of course had to pay her back, and went down on her underwater. 

Afterwards, we both were a little chilly and decided go back to her room.


  We got back to her room, fortunately, her roommate decided to go for a walk.  We wanted to warm up, so we went into the shower… where things really heated up.  I tore off her suite as we going at it, kissing, feeling each other's bodies, pressing up against her, pushing her against the wall, I lifted her up by her ass, as she wrapped her legs around my back.  My hands moved to her tits, massaging her firm nipples, licking my way down to her breasts, lifting her higher, licking and sucking every inch of her beautiful body.  I worked my way down to her pussy, my hands on her ass, as she leaned back to support herself,  I held her in the air, and began to lick her pussy.  Softly at first, then harder, and faster, and sucked her pussy lips as she gyrated her hips in sure pleasure.  After a few minutes of this, I put her back shower floor, as she got down on her knees and started sucking my cock, using her hand in unison with her perfect mouth till she finished me off.  We got out of the shower, and went at it again, on the bathroom floor… we couldn't get enough of each other.  We made plans to meet later that night to go out to the clubs again.


  Well, we got to the club, and damn she looked good in her sundress and lightly tanned skin, absolutely beautiful, not exactly the same as the other night, all locals, and wow did we feel out of place!  Not a problem though, we went for a walk on the beach, and found a nice spot to sit down and "talk" for a while.  I was pretty sure I would "seal the deal" that night, I was hoping to, seeing how this would have been my first time if I did. 


Naturally I was a bit nervous; she was bit of a nympho, and was very apparent that she has had her share of sex in the past.   She sat down in front of me, leaning against my chest with my legs straddling her.  A moment of silence went past, she turned her head towards me as I bent over to kiss her, a long passionate kiss.  My hands stroked her legs, and massaged her tits from behind, waiting for her nipples to become hard, slowly circling, and pinching her nipples.  She turned further, facing me as we tore each other's clothes off.  We stood up, holding each other, still kissing, deeply, sucking on her lower lip, tracing my tongue around her luscious lips, my hands moving over her hard body, massaging and grabbing her.  I pushed her back up against the stone wall, and went down to my knees to "chow her box."  I lightly licked her clit, with one my finger inside her turned upwards to hit her G-spot, she went wild.  She let out moan after moan, and breathed, "I want you in me."  I stood up as she turned around to face the wall, slightly bent over to allow my huge cock inside her.  Slowly, I inserted it, moving my hips in rhythm to hers, fast at first, then slowed, to let her feel the whole length of my 8 ˝ inches… as this was my first time, I really didn't last that long, only about 5 minutes.  We sat down on the beach again, and held each other for a few minutes.  After a while we started kissing again, and switched positions to "doggie style," my hands grabbing her breasts, pumping hard, listening to her moan, and gasp.  I lasted longer this time, and we did it one more time after that, until she couldn't handle it any longer, she said she had to stop.  We started to gather our things and I noticed a ways down the beach, there was couple that had watched the whole thing… oops, oh well, we didn't care, it was Aruba. 


That was a good first night of sex for me, and one I will never forget. 



HTHGS: Letters to the editor


Letter to the editor,

I loved the story by Lisa. It was touching, erotic and not dirty. I think the stories you have published have showed variety. Keep up the good work.




Letter to the editor,

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HTHGS: My First Job – an erotic story (by a subscriber)


It was a few months after I’d completed my degree in art and had just left college...but I wasn't ready to go full steam ahead yet. As a solution, I decided I’d hunt for a job, and just last week I’d got my first job ever. It was your regular cinema, a huge, Victorian century design...and I’d just started my first day there. Selling the popcorn...watching free movies...that sort of stuff was heaven on earth for a 23 year old. The day I happened to be working there, the owner of the respected cinema chain had brought his daughter in...she must have been eighteen or just a little older. A cheeky girl too...I could see the way she was looking at me all day, her tongue circling her lolly pop, her tight retro t-shirt pressing against her firm breasts. Her beautifully shaped ass looking beautiful through her plaid mini skirt...I guessed she had been to school in the morning.


After my hard day, and all the staff were doing their regular duties, I was told to go and clean up the projection booth...put the reels back in their boxes, that sort of thing. After a few boring minutes of cleaning out the projector, I felt a light tap on my shoulder, and as I turned around. there she was right enough, mini skirt nearing the top of her thighs as her right hand pulled it up a little, her left twirling her lollypop around her tongue. "Hey there", she said, her cheeky smile obviously suggesting more than a helping hand. "'re Mr. Watson's little girl right?. "yeeeeeeaaaaahhh", she purred, her cute little face staring straight at me.


As i smiled back she walked up to me, got right in my face and stuck her tounge out, touching my was hard to resist. My mouth opened and before i had a chance to engage, she pulled me to her and we had the dirtiest kiss i'd ever had, open mouths, tounges, biting lips. Before i had the chance to explain the door was unlocked i could feel my fly being pulled down, my erect dick popping out, bulging through my under pants. She dropped to her knees, put her pig tails behind her head and reached into my pants, then a second later yanked out my cock..her face lit up her perfect cheeky smile turned to that of lust, and she quickly rammed my dick down her throat. back and forth her head went, faster and faster, the warm soft feeling driving me overboard. i eyed the door praying nobody would enter...then, i could feel the climax building, my dick started to shake and as my cum sprayed into the back of her throat, i could hear her make a noise of satisfaction as she kept on sucking.


After a prief pause i could feel her lips pulling back off my dick, then she stood up to face me again, wiping a little cum from her deep purple lipstick and licking it up. She smiled a naughty little smile again, then leaned over to my ear..."I have a car outside, behind the theatre in a quiet alley...let's go". I wasn't going to think twice. I pulled my fly up and we both made our way out of the cinema as calmly as possible, although i felt like running. It had been two long months i'd gone without a woman, my last girlfriend moving to a new job.


By the time we reached the car, she flung the door open and hopped inside, i followed. She locked the door, reclined both seats and pulled up her skirt, trying franticly to remove her black lace panties fast enough, the hornyness of us both had taken us over. We were like animals. Even before i'd removed my jeans my cock was once again hard, and i pulled it out. By this time she had removed her panties, t-shirt and bra, and was just left with her plaid skirt and black stockings. She lunged ontop of me, smiling again as she looked me in her eyes before i felt her beutifully sized ass sink down onto my dick, her warm snatch taking all of my seven inches.


She began to bounce up and down, her hands forcing mine onto her breasts as her hot beaver bounced up and down against my balls, my dick getting the ride of it's life. I was about to lie back and allow her to fuck me into orgasm, when i felt her pussy lift off my almost begging dick. before i could sit up to see what the problem is, i opened my eyes to find her ass backing into my face, then sitting on me completely. I parted her hairless, waxed lips and stuck my tongue and finger in, shaking both around and in and out frantically as she screamed with pleasure...turning me on more..."TONGUE FUCK MY PUSSY!!! MAKE ME SORE.....FUCK ME DEEPER!"

 she cried.


After a few minutes of this, she orgasmed, her aching cunt dispensing her pussy juice straight into my open mouth, which i swallowed up, then licked up the rest from her pussy. As she walked on her hands and knees off of me, she looked round and said, "well....what are you waiting for?", I sprung up, my still erect penis just waiting for it's turn. She once again parted her cunt lips and i sunk my dick into her, riding and fucking her senseless. Back and forth, deeper and faster, she rested her breasts on the back seat and held my ass with both her arms, pulling me in deeper....."no...wait, take it out......put it in my ass!"...this almost made me orgasm right there. This was a new experience for me, and i pulled my dick out and shoved it up her tight ass, she screamed with pleasure, and i began to fuck her even warmer ass. As i plunged in and out, she began to finger herself, her juices trickling down her leg as i kept on going....then we both came, screaming at the top of our lungs with peasure, then collapsing in the car...resting after the best sex i think we'd both ever had. As we laid there she turned to me and said, "I have an apartment....wanna come over later?".......who wouldn't have?




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