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  • Written for my girl (written by a subscriber)

  •  My Easter story, (written by the subscriber Debby)  

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HTHGS: Written for my girl (written by a subscriber)

I'd like to share with an erotic story, it's for my girl... she's reading it...and she'll know how horny I'm for here. thanks.

Written for my girl: Hello my dear. Do you know how great sex will be between us, if you let this chance to happen and you & me share the pleasure and enjoy our selves and our youth bodies in great, lustful & pleasing sex.

Just Sit back, relax and take deep breath and imagine our selves in this sweet & erotic sexual love (THE GREATFUL FUCKING!)Ö

       v         Iíll start take your clothes off, piece by piece, slowly, until you get naked (I LOVE TO DO IT!) & I let my eyes enjoy, looking at your lovely body and my fingers touching every where in your horny body. In slow motion, I do all my foreplay, so you can enjoy each second and each movement of our horny bodies.

And itís my real pleasure that I give my female, her full and satisfying sexual pleasure.  

       v         Iíll lay you on the bed and start kissing your eyes, nose & lipsÖmy lips to yours lips, kissing, licking and sucking them. Then, I take your tongue inside my mouth, sucking it, and let mine go to your mouth, drinking from your sweet mouth.

       v         Kissing your neck, going down, to reach your breast, kissing them, sucking and licking your nipples, gently squeezes them in my hands and let my DICK play with them. Youíll feel my hard & thick dick between your breastÖand your hard nipples digging at my dickÖ.and at this moment, you may enjoy, gripping my hard dick and starting to suck him & the balls until you satisfy your horny desires of himÖ..     

       v         Slowly, Iíll go down, kissing & licking every where in your sexy body, until I reach your lovely tight PUSSY. Touching it with my fingers, gently squeeze it, let my tongue licks your tight pussy and suck your pussy & clitoris and drink your sweet pussy juice. ÖIíll use my tongue & a finger to fuck the haven of yoursÖ. (What a lovely pussy, youíre.). ((Iím pussy eater maniac.) And Iím 69-position lover.  . So the pussy, of yours, becomes hot, wet, sizzling and You canít wait for my cock, while You see my cock, hard, thick and erectÖYou want it so hungryÖso badlyÖ

       v         Then Iíll go to your back, and start from your neck, kissing & licking all the way dawn to reach your lovely butt. Gently Iíll squeeze them in my hands, and I put my cock between your hips, so you can squeeze them around my hero .So you feel, how heís hard and erect for you. Iím going to lick your lovely ass & asshole, and let my tongue and a longest finger of mine to fuck your sweet assholeÖ. Youíre going to love it, baby!

       v         Then Iíll put some baby oil on your sexy back & the beautiful, horny ass of yours, and use my hard cock and my athletic & sexy body to make a very & long sexy wet massage to you, my dear.

       v         Then youíre going to see my deck in his full erect, waiting for his action, while Iím turning you around, and spread your legs, then Ď WOWí, Iíll fuck you all way up, inside your hot tight pussy with my horny, erect dick, what a nice hug between my hard & thick dick and your tight & hot pussy, You feel, like he touches your heart and youíll cry from pleasure, and your voice, full the room, asking ďfuck me!Ē, more deeper, more harder, while Iím fucking you back & forward, up and all way down, fucking you fast & slowly, gently & hard fucking and your pussyís hugging my cock , sizzling and your pussy juice around my cock, welcoming him inside you and your haven.

       v         And joyful, lustful & sexy voice (Aha Oooh.Mmmhhh.Ooou Aah.), coming from your sweet mouth, full the room, turning me on more and more, and your eyes, almost, closed. Youíre in lust, and our fucking is taking you to another world, to world of pleasure, while Iím fucking you, my hands and my lips are touching the rest of your sexy body, giving you more pleasure, until you canít hold it any more, so youíll cum, Many timesÖ.

       v         Then my warm come will spill inside you (if you donít mind) to feel how itís hot inside you, then Iíll pull it from your pussy, so you can take a rest, before turn you on, again, Iím going to lubricate my deck and your asshole by (K.Y.Jelly), and fuck your asshole all the way up by my hard cock, inside your ass, and start fucking you, from behind, up & down, forward & back, my chest to your back, with each stroke of my dick, your lustful sexy voice full the space (aha ooh oooou aah..)Until another warm come of mine spills inside your ass.

       v          Then Iíll pull my hard, thick & erect dick from you, so you can enjoy seeing him after his hot season, to see your fucker, drops some white drops over you.

Letís us get this pleasure, together, you ganna love it, baby.

Let me satisfy your horny desires, itíll be 100% hot & erotic for you & me.


       v         By the way, I usually let my female choose her fucking position, her fucking style and, if she bisexual, she wants to have sex with females before I join her sex party with my hard & erect dick so she get full pleasure, or she wants multiple sex, with group of ďmalesĒ or ďmales & females" together, (like, animal sex party.) ITíS O.K with me. (Iím LIBERTY in mind, and so LIBERTY in sex.), and I love to watch lesbians lovers in their sexual erotic love, especially if itís a live party, and I donít mind if my female or ďmy wifeĒ wants to have sex with a lesbian female lover, for seek of change & fun, and to satisfy her sexual desires, itís my pleasure, as itís her.  


       v         Iím waiting to share the pleasure with you, my sweet girl.

Iím in fire, I want you so badly. Iíll let you go now, because Iím so hot & horny, now, I thank Iíll jerk off..Aahhhh.! 


HTHGS: My Easter story, (written by the subscriber Debby)

 After many years of marriage (20+), then a divorce and finding out all men are NOT alike I returned to my ex... we had a fantastic sex relationship all along it was communication outside that hurt our relationship and the thought of greener pasture on the other side of the fence.  Never thought of all the manure out there that makes it sooo green *grins*  Anyway back to the story.

This Easter was our first Easter together after a two-year separation.

We love making love but with children in our lives it's been harder and harder to find times... or places to enjoy the intimate part of a healthy relationship.  But this year my darling love gave me the ultimate Easter present...and it wasn't diamond carats either.












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  Our Philosophy sex is like dancing, it changes every time. It depends on culture, atmosphere and mood. Sometimes it is done alone, with a partner or in a group. It can be fast and hard or slow and soft. Sex is a combination of non-verbal negotiation and verbal cues: a scream, a twitch of the toes, or a flush of the face. There is no one 'right' way to move, only what feels good to all those involved. 
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