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 An erotic story, written by the subscriber Epon

 She looked up at his straining face.  How long had she waited for this?  She couldn't think about it, her body was too busy answering his.

   "Charles," she murmured, trying to suppress her moans, "Charles, we can't do this."

   "We have to," he said, and she knew he was right.  He was right, but it was wrong.

   She tried to pull away, to rehook her bra, anything, but his big warm hands pushed her back down, gently but firmly.  She let out a little moan of pleasure as he stuck a finger in her and she closed her eyes, waiting. His tongue traced her nipples and she arched her back towards him, but she was troubled.

   "What if they find us?  Charles, what if they walk in on us?"

   "Shh," he said, not even glancing at the open door.  "They go to college too.  They'll understand."

   She murmured, "Charles."  He answered by putting another finger in her and switching nipples.  "Charles, I'm a virgin."

   He stuck a third finger in her and began pumping all three in and out, in and out.  He whispered in her ear, his hot breath tickling her, "Then we'll just have to make it the best time either of us will ever have."

   She decided not to talk anymore.

   He slid a hand under her and lifted her toward him, still pumping in and out, but now with four fingers and his thumb stimulating her clitoris.  She felt her sweat dripping down her face as she clung to him, unable to let go, unable to think about anything but him and what he was doing to her.  He slowly pried her hands off of him and instructed her to sit up on his face and straddle.

   Trembling, she managed to do as he asked and suddenly his tongue was inside her, discovering her nooks, wetting her crannies, whetting her sexual appetite.  Automatically, she began to grind, wanting his tongue in her as far as it could go, farther than it could go, everywhere.  She was so wet, wetter than she'd ever been doing it by herself, wetter than she could ever have imagined being.  She touched her nipples and was excited to find them as hard as they had ever been, harder, and she looked down and saw it was nothing compared to his penis.

   She slid down his shaking sweating body and took him in her hands. Awkwardly, she put him in her mouth and suddenly she was sucking, blowing, licking, loving it.  She felt him growing even harder in her mouth and suddenly she knew what to do.  She took him out of her mouth and placed him carefully in her and suddenly he was throbbing, expanding in her and oh it hurt but it was amazing it was real it was truth it was everything she had thought it would be and more and it was him and then in one sweet explosion he released himself and she was bleeding and shaking but now she knew and she felt good.

   An aura of heat surrounded her face and as she leaned over him, he brushed a sweat-soaked strand of hair out of her eyes.   "Charles," she murmured, her voice shaking, "is that it?"

   "Yeah," he said.  "Unless."


   "We could do it again."

   She looked down at his straining face.  How long could they continue this?  She couldn't think about it, her body was too busy answering his. By Epon



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The Founder: "Alex" Caroline Robboy, LCSW, QSW, CAS
Ms. Robboy is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Center for Growth Inc and How To Have Good Sex Inc.  Alex practices marriage and family therapy and sex therapy, and also conducts periodic seminars about human sexuality throughout the northeastern United States.

Ms. Robboy graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where she earned a Masters degree in Social Work, a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Human Sexuality Education and a Post-Masters Certificate in Marriage Counseling & Sex Therapy. Through the American Board of Sexology, she is a board certified sexologist and through the American Association of Sex Educators Counselors and Therapists a certified sex therapist.  Additionally, she is a licensed clinical social worker and a member of the American Board of Marriage and Family Therapy.



  Our Philosophy sex is like dancing, it changes every time. It depends on culture, atmosphere and mood. Sometimes it is done alone, with a partner or in a group. It can be fast and hard or slow and soft. Sex is a combination of non-verbal negotiation and verbal cues: a scream, a twitch of the toes, or a flush of the face. There is no one 'right' way to move, only what feels good to all those involved. 
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