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Erotic Stories .....Airport

  • Airport (written by the subscriber Mike)
  • Letters to the editor @ this erotic story

HTHGS: Airport - an erotic story (written by the subcriber Mike)

You are at the airport and you have just put your boyfriend on a plane to be gone for a while. You wore a very short sexy skirt so he would remember you like that while he was gone. You wanted to seduce him this morning before he left but he was late and you had to hurry to make his plane. So deep in your belly the feelings remain and you figure you'll have to take care of yourself when you get home.  As you walk across the parking lot to your car you notice an attractive man looking at your skirt or more accurately at all the leg you are showing. You had to park a ways out so there are few people around now. He is pretty obvious so you know he is enthralled with how you look. You really kind of enjoy the attention, after all its broad daylight and your in plain sight.  As you get closer you can see that he has wonderful dreamy eyes that are just boring into you. You can feel them on your skin and it feels very naughty.  You walk slowly so he has extra time to look and when you reach your car you accidentally drop your keys so you have to bend over to pick them up. You purposely face away from him and bend over at the waist so your short skirt will ride up high on your butt. Making sure you take a little extra time picking up your keys. You know he is looking and you feel yourself actually getting wet knowing he can see your butt. Finally you stand and casually glance in his direction to see if he enjoyed the view only to see him approaching you. Somewhat concerned but more excited you wait for him to approach. He just stands there and looks at you directly in the eyes. His beautiful gray eyes are magnificent and very sultry. They have a very erotic effect on you and you can feel a tingling in your panties.  He finally speaks and says very fluently "I only have a few minutes will you do as I say." His voice is smooth like silk sheets and drips sexuality. You hesitate for a minute and say sure if I can help you. He says move around to the front of the car please and face it. You move slowly around and face your car. You feel his hands on your hips as he tells you to bend over and lean on your hood. You can't help but obey. You feel your skirt being raised and feel the air against your cheeks. Now you feel your bikini panties being pulled to the side and you know your wet pussy is in plain sight. Its really wet because you can
feel the cooling air blowing against your crack. You hear a zipper sound and then feel something pushing against your bottom. It feels electric and it is fairly large. He wastes no time and his fingers spread your lower lips and the head of his cock is immediately against your opening. It slides easily in because of your lubrication but it just keeps going. It is stretching you and feels like it will never stop entering it is long and thick and feels like it curves up so it is rubbing your insides like never before. He thrusts it in and out a few times and you can hardly stand because your knees are getting weak. He steadies your hips and bends over you and says cum please. Its like magic those words trigger the feeling in your tummy and you can feel it building inside and starting to move all over you. You can't believe it is coming so quickly and easily and so intense. You want to scream and you feel his cock get even bigger and it starts to throb. Then it is unbelievable how hard the jets of cum hit against your insides making your climax unbelievably intense. You start to grunt and moan and you can hardly breath. Wave after wave engulf your body and he keeps stroking your insides until it subsides. He stays inside you for a moment and then you dread the feel of his magnificent cock slide slowly out. You hear his pants zip and feel your panties put back in place and your skirt being lowered. Then you hear that beautiful voice say "thank you I have to go now my girlfriends plane is arriving."

Letter to the editor, (RE: The above story)
This is a copy of the e-mail that I sent to my girlfriend who recommended me to your site.  I mean no ill will toward you, just my honest feelings.  Thanks for your time, Bryan

Hey baby,

    Just thought I would share my thoughts because you are a good listener to me, and I found myself with a strong reaction to this e-mail I received today.  I have really enjoyed the mailers that I have received so far from the site that you recommended me to,  I got one today, however that I really didn't like.  When I read the homepage of the website, it said that it was dedicated to helping couples enjoy sex within their relationships.

    What the fuck.

    At the end of the mailer today which no doubt you have already read, there is a story about a girlfriend dropping off her boyfriend at the airport to get to the parking garage and fuck a "sultry gray eyed" stranger.  I know that the intent is to be a fantasy scenario, but I don't see where sending out this kind of fantasy story helps anyone in a committed relationship.  The story is intended to turn the reader on, right?  Turn the reader on with thoughts of betraying a lover by fucking a stranger (going to the airport to pick up his girlfriend), after sending her boyfriend off on a plane?  If that is the fantasy of my partner in our relationship, then I think there should be some serious review of the relationship.  I hate it when so called sexperts devalue how sexy and fulfilling a loving, committed relationship can be. 

     Erotica, fantasy, and variation is important to some people to keep their interest in a committed relationship; however,  I think that the story chosen was in very poor taste for couples trying hard to stay committed in a society which constantly tells you to do what I want to do  The story lacked the consequence of reckless sex.  If it were just a porn site it would be a totally different story. 

     Because  calls itself a relationship helper, I feel that it has a responsibility to not ignore the consequences of reckless unprotected sex and even more importantly to not ignore the repercussions of betrayal between a loving couple.

    Well, I guess I will jump off the soapbox here and get back to work.  I know that in the scope of things it is not a big deal, and that it is intended to be just a story, but I really feel sad at the state of relationships in our society and think that someone should stand for something honorable damnit!  I just want you to know that I don't need fantasies of cheating on you with a stranger in an airport after just seeing you off to keep me interested in loving you.  You are everything I have ever wanted in a friend or a lover and I love you so much.   Your burly man, Bryan

 Dear Bryan,
We at post all letters to the editor, regardless or whether or not we ‘believe in’ or ‘support’ the authors ideas.  Our mission is to encourage dialogue; therefore, we do not stifle any individual’s personal opinions.  On a philosophical level we do not believe there is ‘right’ way to have sex, only what feels good to the individual and her/his partner.   

Letter to the editor,
I thought that this was kinda funny i mean the story at the bottom. just for laughs love you and wish that we could do this without the other boyfriend and girlfriend.  kisses bye

Letter to the editor,
I have to tell you that Mike's story was awesome. He made me so wet and horny that I finished myself before the end of the story! He needs to write more short stories like that and write a book. Here's an idea to HTHGS:- you put together a book with the short stories from your readers, And I'll be the first to buy!  Kim




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