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Resort Adventures: Erotic Stories
How To Have Good Sex, Inc.

Resort Adventure (written by a subscriber)

 This will a Christmas I will always remember.  My wife and I decide to leave the city and head to the ski resorts of the north for relaxation, skiing, and loving.  The plan was to spend four days enjoying the ski hills as well as the physical hills of each other.  After arriving at the resort and checking into our own cabin we prepared to hit the slopes for the day.  It was indeed a winter wonderland with the sun reflecting off the freshly fallen snow.  After a long day of skiing we returned to the cabin for some rest.  My wife wanted to take a nap before the evening activities began, I decide to head for the hot tub located a short distance from the cabin. 

 I arrived at the hot tub and found myself alone, which I didn’t mind.  I entered the tub and started to relax in the hot water.  My mind started to wander into the possible activities for the evening and how I was going to make love to my wife later that day, when out of the steam of the tub appeared a beautiful woman standing at the edge of the tub.  She was tall and filled her robe nicely.  I looked at her and wondered if she was there to enjoy the warm waters or was she just checking it out for a later time.  To my pleasure she removed the robe and entered the tub.  She filled the French bikini beyond its limits.  She was slender and athletic built, I could tell she worked out and took care of that beautiful body.  Her long sexy legs entered the water, leaving me a great view of the rest of her body.  She lowered the rest of her finely defined body into the water, as she lowered herself into the water I noticed my cock becoming increasingly harder.  I couldn’t believe that I was getting so turned on by this woman, but the thought of what it would be like to explore all the regions of her body had entered my mind.

 When she was completely in the tub our eyes made their first contact as she became aware that I had been examining her since she arrived at the tub.  She glance a smile at me and I returned it to her.  I introduced myself and we started to talk about generalities with no specific topic dominating the conversation.  Her name was Monica and she had come to the resort for a weekend of relaxation.  Monica asked me if I like her swimsuit, I said it look good on her.  She had just bought it and wasn’t sure how she looked in it. I affirmed that she look great in it.  I really wanted to see he without it, but how could I do that with my wife back at the cabin.  Monica smiled and thanked me for the compliment.  She went under the water and I noticed she was adjusting her suit.  When she surfaced she had her top in her hand.  I could take my hands off her firm tits lying just under the water, but very visible.  Monica knew I was admiring her mounds, she asked if I liked I was saw, of course I said yes.  She said it was too bad that I was on one side of the tub and she was on the other.  I quickly fixed that problem by moving closer to her.  She met me half way and we embraced for the first time.  She felt great in my arms and my hands began to explore her back, then her butt, then I grabbed her firm tits.  I immediately notice that her nipples where at full attention.  I continued to fondly her tits with one hand while my other hand moved down from her chest to inner thighs.  As I messaged her inner thighs she began to make little moans and shift her hips.  I knew she wanted more, but I didn’t know how I could continue.  What if my wife came to the tub and found me with this beautiful woman.  Monica sensed this and quickly reassured me it was okay.  She lowered herself in the water and removed my swimsuit, exposing my rock hard cock.  I raised my hips high enough so she wouldn’t drown.  She serviced me until I was ready to explode.  As I was ready to shoot my load she stopped and said she had a better place to shoot my load.  She sat on the side of the tub and I quickly moved in to get a taste of her juice.  I began licking her clit, slow at first and as her body indicated pleasure I went faster.  She cried for more so I slid my finger into her wet, hot pussy and found her G-spot.  After a few stroke she was releasing a tidal wave of juice as her body trembled and she let out a cry of pleasure.  She slid back into the water and straddled my lap while she slowly lowered herself onto my aching cock.  My cock was like a hot knife in butter, she melted around my shaft as she rotated her hips with every thrust of my hardness.  I took her and had her lean against the side of the tub and entered her in from the rear.  I pounded her pussy with all my cock could muster.  She was moaning and swinging her hips in pleasure.  As I pounded her I was grabbing her tits with one had while I message her clit with the other.  We both exploded at the same time, I shot a massive load while her load was shot at me.  We both fell to the waters of the hot tub in exhaustion, but feeling completely satisfied.  Monica dressed and leaned over and gave me a hot kiss and said she would see me later.  I could not wait for later.  I returned to my cabin just as my wife was getting up from her nap.  She asked me how was the hot tub I answered her by saying it was hot.  We showered and got ready to go to dinner at the main cabin.  You might think this is the end of this adventure, but it was only the beginning.

 As my wife and I sat at the restaurant enjoying our dinner, Monica entered and head right for us.  My heart began to race and the fear of her sharing with my wife the experience of the hot tub was heavy on my mind.  She approached the table and introduced herself to my wife and I, and she asked if she could join us, my wife said yes.  There we were, Monica, my wife and I having dinner I was ready to die, but my wife didn’t seem to mind.  As the night went on Monica moved closer to my wife.  By dessert she was close and personal with my wife.  I notice that Monica’s had had made it way to my wife’s thigh.  I was surprised that my wife wasn’t resisting, she turned to me and smiled.  Monica was smiling at me too.  I was wondering what was going on and if I was really there or was this a dream.  I knew this wasn’t a dream, but couldn’t believe how comfortable my wife seemed with this woman.  Not getting to freak out I figure to go with it and see where this was going to go.  I knew it was all up to my wife as to where the limit was.  I placed my hand on her other thigh and got a smile from my wife.  I slowly moved my hand down her thigh to her knee where her dress exposed her flesh.  I slid my hand up her dress to her underwear, trying not to be noticed by Monica and watching my wife’s reaction.  There was no rejection, but Monica saw what I was doing and did the same thing.  Still, no rejection from my wife.  Matter in fact she was smiling the whole time.  The waiter came by and only could give us an odd look as the three of us were very close.  I moved my fingers to my wife’s muff and began to message her as I reached for her pussy.  Monica joined in and both our hands reached my wife’s clit at the same time.  My wife was beginning to moan with pleasure, but not too loud as to draw too much attention.  I slid my fingers into her wet pussy while Monica continued to message her clit.  My wife was about to cum, but held off and suggested we return to our cabin to finish this.  I asked if Monica was joining us and my wife insisted she be there.

 The three of us returned to the cabin and spent the next several hours having the best threesome sex we ever had.  After we had finished and were just lying around recovering from our heated night, I asked my wife why she was so cool at the restaurant.  This was unusually for my wife because my wife is typically very conservative.  She took me in her arms and said, “Dear, before there was you, there was Monica.”

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