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Erotic Stories

  • Erotic Story (written by a subscriber)  

  • Erotic Story (written by a subscriber)

  • Erotic Story (written by a subscriber named Lori)

HTHGS: Erotic Story (written by a subscriber)

I have a story that I would like you to put in your news letter. when my husband is away on business we sometimes write a story and i write one part then he will add to it and so on until it is finished. thanks

Imagine this.  You come and pick me up from the office and we hop into our car and go home.  The first thing that I do is throw in a load of laundry and then I take you by the hand and we go into the bedroom.  We start off slow, kissing and rubbing all over each other.  We fall onto the bed and I climb on top of you.  I take both of your hands and hold them above your head as we're kissing.  Then before you realize what happened, I've tied your hands together and to the bedposts.  I pull your shirt up over your head and leave it up by your wrists.  Then I undo your pants and pull them off you.  You decide that you don't want me to take your underwear off so you spread your legs so they won't slide off.  I just look at you and smile.  I pull two more pieces of rope out of my back pocket and tie your ankles to the other end of the bed with your legs spread.  You tell me "Well, now you can get me the rest of the way undressed."  Once again I just smile.  I pull out a pocketknife, open the blade and cut both your bra and panties off.  Then I stand up and get most of the way undressed, leaving only my boxers on.  Then I open the drawer on the bedside table and pull out that little feather teaser that we have.  I start to run it all over your body and when you squirm I go back over that spot a second time.  Every now and then I lean down and give you a kiss.  I start running the feather up and down the inside of your thighs and up over your pussy and then down the other leg.  I lean down and spread your pussy lips and gently start licking up and down the outside edge of them.  Not once do I touch your clit or your hole. You're starting to get really wet from all this so I stop and come up to give you a kiss and then I start kissing and caressing your breasts.  In the distance we can hear the washer buzzer go off so I reach back into the drawer and pull out our little vibrator.  I slide it into your pussy (I don't turn it on) and leave.  A couple minutes later I return, pull the vibrator out, turn it on and stand it up on the bed so that it leans against your pussy.  I take off my boxers.  My cock is hard and almost sticking straight out and dripping with precum.  You tell me that you want to suck on it so I straddle your chest and put the tip near your lips.  You take the head into your mouth and start to lick and suck on it.  After a couple minutes I tell you that's enough and stand up.  I pick up the vibrator and turn it off and set it on the table.  I lay on top of you and slowly slide my cock inside you....  

...You start pumping it in and out real slow until it you just can't take it any more.  We both have waited for so long to do this.  I moan out because it feels so good.  I beg for you to untie my hands and you tell me that the only way I can have them untied is if I pleasure myself while you are fucking me. So I finally consent to do it. I know that it gets you so excited at just the thought of it. You quickly untie my hands. I then reach down between us and start to finger my clit.  You pull your cock out to untie my feet and you pull my legs up over my head.  You slide back in and continue to pump it deeper and deeper.  I am right on the verge of cumming. I am yelling and screaming.  And then finally it happens.  You can feel the waves of my orgasm and you start ramming it in me till you finally can't hold it any longer and you fill me with your sweet jism.  We both lie there together in each other's arms and kissing.  You thought that you were done but it turns out that you are ready for another round.  This time you decide to give it to me in the ass.  You flip me over so I am on all fours.  You get behind me and start by playing with my tits.  I can feel your hard cock rubbing against me.  Then you run your fingers down my side and into my dripping cunt.  You take the sweet juices from just a few minutes before and spread them all over my ass hole.  You gently use your finger first to get me ready for the real thing, for we have never done this.  I start moaning and tell you that I'm ready for you.  You then spread my legs apart and you oh so gently slide you rock hard cock into my ass...


...Slowly I start to push the head of my cock against your tight hole.  I start to take short slow strokes, working my cock in deeper each time.  Soon I have my whole length buried deep inside your ass.  I grab the vibrator off the table, turn it on a low speed whisper into your ear that I want you to fuck yourself with it.  You take it from my hand and slide it into your pussy.  I can feel it quivering as you slide it in and your ass gets even tighter from the competition next door.  I plant my hands firmly on your hips and continue to fuck in and out of your ass.  You match the rhythm of my cock with the vibrator and we both start moaning from all the pleasure. Then you tell me to fuck you faster.  I start to fuck your ass as fast as I can, which isn't that fast because you're so tight.  Within seconds you're screaming that you're going to cum again.  I keep pumping into your ass as your cunt erupts in to a huge orgasm.  Your ass tightens up making it extremely hard for me to keep going.  I can feel your cunt spasm from inside your ass.  And then just as fast as it happened, your orgasm subsides and you start moaning that you want more of my cock inside you.  I'm burying as much of my cock in you with every stroke that I take.  I can feel my cum starting to build up inside my balls and I tell you that I'm about to cum. You tell me to pull out and shoot my spunk all over your ass.  I continue to stroke and then just before I shoot my load, I pull out and stroke my cock a couple of times with my hand to finish myself off.  My cock shoots out three large spurts of warm jizz that land on your ass cheeks...





HTHGS: Erotic Story, (written by a subscriber)


Lightning flickered on the walls and rain fell against the windows as they laid in bed.  The lights had been turned off for an hour or so, and the storm and nearby streetlights were the only sense of visibility in the room.  The sound of light thunder and raindrops were all that could be heard.  He laid flat on his back with the covers pulled midway up his stomach.  She laid in bed on her stomach with her smooth bare back revealed all the way down to her slender waist.  He stared at the ceiling.  She stared at the wall.  They were both awake.  The restlessness broke her first.  She slightly picked herself up and laid the upper half of her body on top of him.  Her covers had now moved further down her body, now displaying most of her smooth, firm, and round backside which was partially on top of his left hip.  She kissed him once, opening her mouth just slightly.   Then she put her lips around his bottom lip and sucked on it gently.  She stuck her tongue out and traced the inside of his lips.  He stuck his tongue out and caressed her tongue with his own.  Then they locked lips and kissed deeply.  They both began to breathe heavily.  She ran her fingers through his hair passionately.  With his left hand he began to caress the smooth side curvitures of her right breast that was pressed against his chest.  With his right hand he held firmly to the backside of her right hip.  She began to give him hot, wet kisses on his chin and neck.  Reaching down past his waist with her left hand, she could feel through the sheets that he was hard and warm.  She kissed her way down his chest and flat stomach.  As she kissed around his belly button, he moved over and turned on the lamp.  He arranged the pillows and sat up.  He took her and turned her around, and she laid her back against his chest.  Her long, straight, shiny hair stretched half-way down her chest.  He put a small among of massage oil in his hands and began to rub down the front of her body.  She laid her head back on his shoulder and closed her eyes.  Oil-covered, her beautiful body glistened in the lamplight.  Her stomach was flat with smooth, white skin and a seductively curvy navel.  Her breasts were approximately a small B-cup.  They were very shapely and firm.  As his oily hands continued to grope and rub against her breasts, her nipples grew hard.  For some time he continued to rub her chest and stomach.  The oil was nearly rubbed away, and he began to lightly caress the lips of her genitals.  Separated her lips, he became more exploratory as time progressed.  He rubbed

and caressed all her sensitive areas as her nipples grew even harder.  Then he slid the middle and ring finger of his right hand deep into her vagina.  She was very wet and hot inside.  He slid his fingers in and out of her and fondled the inside of her body.  She slightly rolled her eyes back in pleasure and began to fondle her right breast.  He groped and caressed her left breast and continued fingering her deeply.  Abruptly, he got up from behind her.  Losing her support, she fell back flat on the bed.  He laid down with his hips pressed against her chest and buried his face in her genitals.  He began to stroke the length of his tongue from the bottom of her pubic hair to the bottom of her lips.  He heard her gasp.  She placed both her hands on the cheeks of his bottom and held on firmly with her eyes closed.  She was breathing heavily through her mouth as she felt his tongue firmly stroke her clitoris and vaginal opening.  He fixed his mouth around her clitoris and stroked it back and forth with the tip of his tongue.  She let out light moans with every few strokes.  As he began to suck and lick her clitoris madly with his mouth closed around it, she wrapped her lean, shapely thighs around his head and moaned loudly.  As his mouth naturally produced more saliva, the licking and sucking became more hot and sticky.  She felt it coming.  His hot tongue against her throbbing clit was feeling so good she could barely stand it.  As she climaxed she let out a mild scream and continued to roll her eyes back with pleasure as he kept gently licking.  He picked her up and put her on her knees with her back facing him.  She leaned over and placed her hands on the wall.  From behind, he slid his hard, hot, throbbing penis into her warm, wet vagina.  He grabbed both her breasts and groped them as he slid himself in and out of her.  She felt him penetrate deeply with each stroke.  It wasn't long and she began to feel the head of his penis throb intensely.  She felt his hot semen spill into her.  He slid out of her and laid down on the bed.  She had been so wet inside that his penis was still well lubricated.  So she gently masturbated the shaft of his penis as small drop of sperm still fell out of him.  She placed her mouth around the head of his penis and sucked out the last of it.  They cleaned themselves up and continued to lightly caress each other's genitals to the sound of the storm until they both fell asleep. 



HTHGS: An Erotic Story, (written by Lori)


Lonnie and I have been friends for many long years.  Our friendship is very precious to me, but I am drawn to him on many levels  .. .far beyond friendship. It is relatively recently that we've become lovers.  Lonnie is the only man with whom I've felt . . . completely woman. He is a man with whom I can share anything and everything.  I trust him . . . so much so that he can take me anywhere he wants to go, sexually, (or any other way) and I will go . . . willingly. He's taken me to places that I never knew were there.  I belong to him completely: body, mind and heart.

Below is one fantasy . . one of many that I've had about Lonnie.  I love to share my fantasies with him, and want him to share his many fantasies with me.  There isn't anything he'd ask that I wouldn't do . . .

He comes to my apartment door, walking in the door I've left unlocked for him.  I'm in the kitchen pouring him a glass of lemonade . . his favorite drink.  He takes the glass then grabs my hand and leads me over to the sofa, gently pushing me down.  He steps into the other room for a few minutes and leaves me sitting there, so I get up to look out the window. He returns and sees me up off the sofa, frowns,  and signals his head toward the sofa. That's his signal . . he lets me know what he wants with just a move of his head or his hand.  Quickly, I hop back onto the thick cushions and look down. I feel naughty . . .as if I've been caught doing something I shouldn't be doing . . . .even though I wasn't.

He comes over and stands in front of me, telling me to pull my gown up.  Of course, I comply. He reaches down between my legs and rubs my pussy through my panties, slowly, playing with my intimate parts for what seems like forever. Suddenly, he pushes me downward, laying me on my back and pushing my legs apart. He pulls off my moist panties, sits down, and spends some time just looking at my private parts. It makes me feel more than naked . . it makes me feel vulnerable . . being so open to him.  He's driven me crazy with his slow massage of my pussy.  He has built up my level of arousal, but he stops when I'm just short of cumming!  I reach out to touch the bulge between his legs, but he grabs my hands and stops me, just watching my face, smiling as my body shows him I want him to suck my tits or continue to play between my legs.

Finally, he pulls me off the sofa and leads me into my bedroom, then puts me on the bed on my belly. I feel a light soft touch on my butt. He's squeezing my plump ass cheeks and spanking them lightly. He rolls me onto my back and begins to massage lotion onto my tits and belly, rubbing all over, but stopping to circle my nipples and pull them. That sends tingles throughout my body!  He plays with one nipple and I play with the other . . .squeezing . . pulling . .  and bending my head to suck on the nipples.  My breasts are so big that I can suck on my own nipples, easily.  You can bet that I do that when I'm home alone . . hand on my clit . . . mouth on a nipple . .. thinking of him!  He rubs the lotion on my legs, high up, close to my soaking cunt. It feels incredible. I smile at him and he's saying I'm his baby now. I am happy . . . feeling content . .  relaxing into the pleasure he is giving my body.

Quite unexpectedly, he pulls me off the bed and pushes me down onto my knees on the floor in front of him. He easily disrobes, exposing his sexy body to me.  In front of my face is the most delicious cock I have ever seen. It's huge . . and hard and his balls are large and hang low. I remember the first time I saw him naked.  I couldn't BELIEVE the size of him.  Still, every time I see  him naked . . .I feel the same way . . I mean . . .it's unbelievable!  He turns me on . . . REALLY turns me on . . .so much so that I'll never want another man.  Of course I feel like that . . . now that I know how big he is . . . how good he is . . .how long he lasts. . . and the extent of his ability, imagination, and freedom to totally let go sexually. 

As a matter of fact . . .he has turned me on FOR YEARS . . . but he never knew it!  Every time he walked away from me, I stared at his ass, longing to grab it with both hands  . . and just squeeze.  When he was in front of me I struggled not to look at the huge bulge between his legs . . .the bulge that makes a tent out of his pants . . even when he's not erect!  Not only have I been turned on by him for years . . I've loved him too . . every part of him . .  knowing the good and the bad . . . and just . . . loving him.  The plain fact that he is the MOST MAN I've ever known on top of that . . . well . . . he's everything THIS woman could ever want!

All this is in my head as I kneel before him.  He grabs my hair, pulling me to him roughly, and makes me call out his name. "Lonnie." He pulls my face into his hairy crotch, balls smashed in my face. I lick and suck anywhere because I'm so hungry for him . . for the sweet taste of him. His cock stretches my mouth wide open as I take him down my throat gurgling, sputtering, and choking. He talks to me the whole time . . .telling me what he likes . . telling me what to do.  Oh man, THAT makes me SO HOT!  He fucks my mouth without mercy as I strain to encompass the size of him. I can hardly breathe as he pumps harder into my face, shoving his cock into my mouth until he unloads his cum. I swallow it all . . . .loving it . . . . sucking it out of him as I feel it burst up from his balls, travel up the length of him . . .and into my mouth.  I revel in the fact that he's shuddering his essence into me . . . into my mouth . . . deep into my throat.

After some lemonade and rest he wants more!  "Get on your knees!", he says, as me motions toward the end of the bed. He starts slapping my ass.  Over and over he spanks me, moving his hand around so that my whole butt turns red.  It hurts, and I cry out, but that doesn't stop him.  In fact, it seems to turn him on more, for he spreads my legs further apart and spanks me again. . .only this time he's slapping me on my pussy lips.  It's such a tender part . ..the most tender part of me.  I cry out even more, but there is a change in my cry.  Each time his hand makes contact with my body, my clit tingles.  That cry is a combination of pain and pleasure.  It's regular . . over and over . . right on top of my cunt . . turning me on . . more and more.  This drives me crazy and I spread my legs even wider, sticking my ass out more so he can get to my little pink clit. He's pulling on my hair with one hand, and rhythmically slapping me with the other.  Finally, he stops spanking me and rubs directly on my clit.  It's huge and hard.  My pussy is soaking wet, dripping down my legs. He rubs, playing in circles, pulling on my clit, keeping it up until I explode . . several times.

Awesome lover that he is, he's not anywhere near done.  It blows me away that he can keep up this level of arousal!  He pushes me down on the bed in front of him, spreading my legs and holding them far apart and pulled up. He enters me and fucks me while playing with my tits. He's pinching my nipples and pulling them, squeezing my breasts in his hands, hard.  I know I'll have bruise marks in addition to the soreness between my legs to keep me company until he comes again!  . I look up at him, into his eyes, as the pleasure in my body rises up yet again.  His cock is wide in circumference, stretching me so that it occurs to me that my perineum is going to split open!  Like a jackhammer, he forces himself into me, the length of him slamming into my cervix.  God, THAT HURTS!  How can pleasure and pain be combined into one sensation?  He knows to hurt me just enough so that it's pleasure. . .without crossing the line into pain that I can't bear.  He continues, unbelievably continues.  It drives me mad as I cum again.

He pulls out his cock and puts it in my face, telling me to clean it. I lick my pussy juice off his big, hard dick. He straddles my face so his large, hairy balls are in my face, ordering me to put both his balls in my mouth.  My mouth stretches to surround them as long as I can, until I have to pull back to breathe. I lick and suck the manhood in front of me . . the offering of his body.  Then, he lies down in front of me.  I take the lotion and massage his body . . . his shoulders and back . . .his legs and feet.  He spreads his legs apart, and I get the message without his having to say one word.  Moving between his legs, I knead and kiss his butt, moving in ever closer to his asshole.  Stretching out my tongue, I insert it in his asshole.  I play with his balls and pleasure him with my tongue . . my only wish being to bring him even a measure of the pleasure he has brought to me.  I will do anything for this man . . .

At his command I move to the edge of the bed, again on my knees, only this time bent in front of him like a bitch in heat.  He moves down to my swollen cunt with his cock,  teasing my clit with it, playing until I'm shaking and thrashing . . begging to be entered. Then, he places it at the opening of my ass! I turn to look back at him, surprised, and see him as he rubs some lube onto his enormous cock.  Then, he pushes some lube into me, putting first one finger, then two into my asshole.  I reassure myself, thinking he's playing with my asshole, and that he's lubed his cock to make it easier to stroke himself in preparation for fucking my pussy again.  Wrong!  Again, I feel him at the entrance of my butthole!  I have no idea how to prepare for what he's about to do.  I brace myself and try to concentrate on relaxing the muscles that guard that entrance.  It's almost impossible, because the fear of being split in two makes me want to clench my cheeks tight!  Slowly, inexorably, he pushes the head of his big prick into my little asshole. It feels exactly as though I'm being split in two!  It hurts . . I want him to stop!  He pulls away for a moment, playing again with his fingers in my ass, encouraging me to relax so that he can fit inside of me.  Then, he places his cock where his fingers were, and he pushes it all into me, forcing himself inside my body. My pussy cries out to be filled, but instead he strains that little hole until it's little no more! 

I feel stretched to breaking, very full . . . and also feel an intense feeling of pressure.  He starts out slowly, going in and out, in and out, as I accustom myself to the invasion.  Then, he gathers speed and force, until he's slamming into my body.  It hurts, a lot, but it also feels really good!  He knows my limits . . and pushes them . . .just enough so that I know to whom I belong.  I begin to push back onto his cock, meeting him thrust for thrust.  I can't tell if it's physical sensation causing my pleasure to rise up again or the knowledge that I am his however, wherever, and whenever he wants me.  Whichever it is, it is good! My asshole is stretched beyond imagining and my head thrashes against the bed.  I'm screaming out his name, and crying because I can't help it.  Unbelievably, I cum again and my orgasmic contractions squeeze his cock.  I can hear his breath quicken as he increases his force and speed.  His cock feels even harder, like steel, as he pistons himself into me.  Finally, he delivers his cum deep within my ass.

He stays inside me for awhile, telling me how good I made him feel.  He falls onto the bed, sweaty and gasping for air, and he pulls me to him. He folds his arms and body around me, snuggling me to him. I feel so satisfied . . so happy . .  so complete.  He lifts my face to his and kisses me, grabbing onto my hand and holding it as he holds me. As I said, I feel like a woman, complete . . where I belong . . . and with whom I belong.  Lonnie's Woman.



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