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HTHGS: This happened to me in California (written by a subscriber)


Holiday in California - an erotic story

Letter to the editor - this is an erotic story that happened to me on a holiday in California with my boyfriend John and my good friend Laurie.

I entered our hotel room. John was standing there with my very close friend Laurie. I was wondering what was going on. "Don't worry, Julia" he said. "I wanted to treat you to something new. Relax" I was beginning to understand what this was all about. He walked over to me and gently started to caress my cheek with his soft hand. His green eyes twinkled with excitement. I was sure mine did too. We began to kiss. Slow and soft at first, but then moving into a faster, hotter licking and sucking kiss. I slowly began to undress him. I took his shirt off, slowly un-buttoning. I could feel the hard lump of his cock rubbing against my leg under his pants. Then He pushed me onto our bed, Laurie sitting on a nearby chair, watching. I didn't care. Before I knew it John was fully naked, as was I. He turned me onto my back and began licking and sucking my breasts. Circling my nipples with his tongue. then he moved down and began to suck my clit. I moaned softly. I soon began to cum. I got out from under him and turned him over onto his back. I started to massage his butt, back, and penis. Now he was moaning. I started to hump his ass as he flipped over and shoved his dick into me. The sensation was over-whelming. I pleaded for him to go harder, faster! "God yes! Fuck yes!" he screamed. Then he exited my body. And began licking me again. The I saw Laurie fully un-dressed. She was standing by our bed, smiling. My boy-friend whispered "have fun". And moved away. Laurie slowly sat on the bed and touched me in places I didnít think would ever feel so good. I slowly lay back as she stroked my inner thigh. I moaned softly and cummed. She too was cumming. I saw the sweet juices roll down her leg. She spread my legs wide apart, sucked on her fingers and slowly entered them into my vagina. I had experienced and orgasm never felt before. she was massaging my breasts with her other hand. I began to realize that I wanted more. I grabbed her head and shoved it into my breasts. Willingly, she sucked them, moaning. then moved down to my wet, shaved pussy. She started to suck and lick it. I screamed for more! The she moved around, so her cunt was on my face and her face was on mine. We began to vigorously lick and shove our tongues into each other's cunts. We sat up and I began to hump her while she carried me to the bathroom. The bathtub was filled as if she had prepared it ahead of time. I turned the Jacuzzi pumps on and we steeped into the tub, humping and sucking each otherís bodies in mid-orgasm. I opened my vagina so the warm water from the Jacuzzi hole squirted around it. It felt so good. Soon we were out of the tub and onto the floor, screaming in ecstasy! John had entered and we took turns fucking each other all night. I woke in the morning on the bathroom floor, sore, but pleased. John looked at me and said "I hope you enjoyed both tastes" and we did it all over again



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