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No Parking  (written by Keeley Lawrence)
The sun shone down on the gray leather seats through the T-top on the silver Porsche. It was a perfect day for a drive and she was glad he asked her to go for one. He slid his long, sleek body into the driver's seat and donned his Ray-Ban sunglasses. Turning, to her, with a smile, he popped the Sting CD into the disc player, turned the ignition on and slowly backed out of the space he had occupied in the lot at work. The tropical breeze was gently blowing her full, cotton skirt and she was glad that she had decided not to wear blue jeans that day. The warmth of the sun hit her bare skin. It bathed her in a sensuous feeling that made her want to escape from the traffic. She felt the car reel to the right, hugging the road as it did, and her stomach flipped. She felt it swerve again to the left. "Stop it"' she said, "You're scaring me." "Just wanted to show you how this baby handles. I get overconfident in it actually." The sight of him sitting behind the wheel and the tone of his voice made her decide what she was going to do. She wanted to unnerve him; she wanted to reach him. " I 'll. show you how well this baby handles_" she thought to herself. She started to caress her breasts and he increased the speed of the car. Massaging them slowly at first and then amorously, moving the nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Her nipples pressed against the cloth of her shirt and she felt the warmth of the sun beat down on her neck, arousing her even more. Gently, she pulled the tucked in knit out of her skirt, glancing to see if he was paying attention to her folly. If he was, he hadn't acknowledged her for he seemed more intent on the hum of the motor than what she was doing beside him.

She exposed bare breasts as she slid down her seat and began to rub them harder. Wetness crept between her legs and she lifted up her skirt to let the cool breeze slide across her. Reaching a hand inside her panties, she began to massage her clit in the same way that she massaged her nipples. Her clit hardened and the sensation sent thrills throughout her body. She felt the car accelerate and with each jerk of the gears a tremble rushed through her. The throbbing of the bass continued and she pushed her panties down a bit further, placing one forefinger inside her, she smiled at her own wetness.

The sight of her bare pussy and the look of enjoyment on her face was driving him wild. His mind raced as he tried to think of a place he could turn into so he could shove his hardened cock inside her. He longed to fuck her hard, wanted her muscles tight around him, wanted to feel her breasts on his chest. The thought of it made him harder and he felt himself getting wetter. He knew he wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer, but with driving and shifting gears, he was a prisoner of his own needs. Each stoplight allowed him a lingered glance at her own foreplay. He loved a woman that enjoyed herself and she sure did. He watched as she stuck one, then two fingers inside her, never letting her thumb leave her clit. He watched her pull out the cum from her pussy and then he watched her lick each finger. One, then the other, then back inside her wetness. He flushed from the excitement. And then the stoplight would turn green and he would begin again, slowly, driving, until the acceleration was giving in to his own demands.

Faster and faster she fingered herself, all the while her head pressed against the leather of the seats, soaking in the noonday sun as it beat on her bare pussy, making her hotter than she ever thought she could be. The feeling of his eyes upon her drove her wild as she continued to finger herself to the point of not one but two orgasms, yet deep inside there was so much more. She took her cum and ran it over her stiff, swollen, clit. She began to drift as the feeling of total ecstasy engulfed her. Opening her eyes for a second, she saw a strip of road lying ahead of them. No traffic, just fields banked both sides of the car. She caught his glance and the smile on his face. She opened her legs wider so he could see how wet she was and she shoved three fingers inside her. The faster she rubbed, the faster he drove and the speed and swiftness of the car made her body tingle. Sweat began to trickle down her neck from the sun, beads of perspiration appeared on her hardened nipples. She licked her lips; thirsty from the orgasms she was experiencing. She pushed her knees up against the glove compartment and leaning forward was able to reach the g-spot, the spot that would take her over the brink. Her body shook was spasms as she screamed out and went with the climax that only she could bring. She felt herself increasing with wetness and her clit throbbed as she rubbed the cum on it and her nipples.


The beat of Sting's music was moving him to the point of total freedom from his capture. The hardness pressing against his jeans and the thrill of not being able to liberate the sex inside him drove him wild. Never before had he felt so aroused, so exquisitely turned on by a woman like he had that second. His cock pushed against his jeans demanding release as his hand gripped the clutch shifting wildly from fifth to sixth gear, all the while pushing his foot down on the accelerator, looking at her out of the corner of his eye. Appreciating the beauty of a woman in rapture. She arched her back as her clit throbbed between her thumb and forefinger. White liquid was glistening in the sun, and the sight of her wet pussy, the deepness of Sting's voice, the heat of the sun warming the leather of the seats was all too much for him. As he turned the corner, his cock arched and his body trembled. Convulsions overtook him as he discharged his sex. He felt himself cuming against his zipper, wet ting his jeans, sweat dripping down the side of his face though his eyes, never left the road. His breathing was labored and he longed to touch himself as his balls ached from the pain. . She lay back, trying to regain control of her breathing, her fingers back inside her, she reached over and with her slickened forefinger, touched his lips. Slowing the car down, he licked his lips and smiled. She was relaxed, her skirt hiked up above her knees, her head tossed back, lying on the seat behind her, and one strand of wet hair plastered on her cheek. She closed her eyes to take in the speed of the car, the control he had of the machine they were in, and the lack of control he had had on her at that moment. She smiled. He only glanced back, not recognizing the incident that had just happened, though he was smiling inside. He wouldn't give her the satisfaction yet of knowing that she had made him cum, made him rocket with a sexuality that he had never experienced. She ran her hands up over her legs once more as she pulled her panties up and pushed her skirt back down. Pulling her shirt over her naked breasts, she leaned back enjoying the seduction of the noonday sun,

He turned into their work parking lot. She smoothed down her skirt, and reapplied her lipstick. The noonday sun ducked behind a cloud. The silver of the Porsche showed as they exited. Never speaking a word, they acknowledged the luncheon ride was over.
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