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 Joni's erotic story

HTHGS: Joni's erotic story (written by Subscriber Joni)

I have been a reader for about a year now, and your tips and questions have helped me a lot.  I recently got into a mood for writing erotic stories.  The people who have read it so far, have enjoyed it to the fullest.  It is quite long and detailed, so use it however you may.  Please tell me what you think!


Some people have not yet found genuine love.  The love that tells two people they are meant to be together forever, and the love that guides a couple through good times and bad.  Joni knew right away that “genuine love” was what she felt for Erick.  It took Erick a while to understand how deeply Joni felt about him, but over time Erick came to realize that she was the one for him, and only she would respect and cherish him the way he would her.


One night, Erick had called and told Joni he would be late coming home.  So Joni decided to treat herself to a pampering night.  She had also had a rough day, and decided to start her evening off with a warm, soothing bubble bath.


Joni went into the bathroom, and turned the water faucet to just the right temperature.  She remembered Erick had bought her a raspberry scented bath set for Valentine's Day, and decided to use that so Erick would have a nice surprise when he arrived home.  She also grabbed her ivory colored lingerie set, which she had purchased only a few weeks before, but hadn't told Erick about yet.


As the water is running, Joni pours a few ounces of the raspberry scented fluid into the tub.  At first only a few bubbles form, and then the bath tub is overtaken with white suds, as a few lonely bubbles get caught in the air and float away slowly.  As Joni inhales the lovely smell, it makes her forget about all the troubles and worries that had accumulated throughout the day.  Her body feels warm and relaxed.


Her bath is finally ready.  She begins getting undressed.  First she puts her hair up so it will not get in her way while she is relaxing in the tub. 

Then she takes off her black shiny blouse.  Undoing each button, slowly, one by one.  Taking her shirt off exposed her black lace bra and the light complexioned cleavage pushing out of the top from her D sized breasts.  Joni reaches behind her with both hands, and unclasps her bra, letting both breasts relax at the same time as she throws the mangled black under garment on the floor beside the bathtub.  She gets a chill from a sudden flow of air across the back of her neck, and both nipples instantly perk out with hardness.  She takes her right hand, and softly runs her palm over her right nipple.  This feels so good, but she stops, remembering Erick will be home soon when she can continue.


Next, she reaches with her left hand to the buttons on the side of her skirt.  She realizes her bath water is cooling off, so she slides both her skirt and her slip down at one time, leaving only her black g-string panties.  She quickly removes them and stands beside the tub, gazing down into the white foamy water.


She raises her left foot and gently places it in the tub, then the same with her right foot.  She slowly crouches down and eases into the hot water. 

Joni takes her sponge after dipping it into the bubbles, and dabs her neck, then shoulders, and then breasts.  She drops the sponge in the water, and lays her head back against the tub, sinking deeper into the mass of bubbles.


"RIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!"  Joni jumps and quickly opens her eyes. 

The phone was ringing.  At this time, she was too comfortable to be disturbed, so she let the answering machine pick it up.  It was Erick, and he had left a message.  "Hey sweetheart, I'm almost done and I should be home in a little while.  I just wanted to call and tell you I was thinking about you, but you must be busy.  Well I have to get back now, I love you..."  Joni's face lights up with a smile, as she takes a moment to be thankful for Erick being sent to her by God.  Joni just sits there thinking about Erick and how sweet he is, as her eyes close again, and she becomes even more relaxed than she was the first time.


After a few minutes, she remembers that Erick had said he would be home soon, so she figures she had better be ready when he gets there.  Joni grabs her razor and her raspberry rain shaving cream.  She sprays a little bit into the palm of her hand, and works it into a lather, raising one of her legs up out of the water.  As the cool air hits her warm leg, layers of steam begin to rise.  Joni carefully shaves every inch of her leg, making sure not to leave one place untouched.  Then she does the same to the other leg.  Once she is sure her legs are silky smooth, she lifts one arm at a time, and removes any trace of stubble from under her arms.  She goes to put her shaver on the stand beside the bathtub, and realizes she forgot an area.  Joni stands up out of the water, takes her razor in her right hand and puts her right foot up on the edge of the tub.  She then proceeds to shave part of her pubic hair off, so that only a small patch is left.


She sits the razor on the edge of the bathtub and sits back down in the water, laying her head back and closing her eyes once again.  This time, her hands find their way up to her head, and lets her hair down, flowing over her shoulders and a few strands dangle in front of her face.  From Joni’s head, her hands move down to her shoulders, then to her breasts.  With all the relaxing Joni has done, her nipples become hard with the first touch. 


In each hand, she takes her nipple between her thumb and middle finger and rubs them together, squeezing lightly, then harder little by little.


Underneath all the warm water, Joni can feel those special juices beginning to coat the inner walls of her labia.  She arches her back so that her nipples are pointing straight up towards the ceiling.  Still rubbing them, she crosses her legs and starts to contract and relax her leg muscles, which seems to pump the juices out of her pink throbbing pussy.


Joni pulls and teases her nipples for a while until she can feel her entire pussy and the upper part of her inner thighs covered with that unique wetness that only comes from an erotic and excited woman.  Her hands slowly glide down her stomach, stopping for only a second to play with her belly button.  As they finally reach her waiting pussy, she hesitates a little. 


At first, only running her fingers over her lips and through what little hair she had left.  Then accidentally, one of her fingers ever so gently rubs over her clit.  Her legs give a little jerk as she lets out a moan. 


Then her fingers are like a magnet to her clit.  She starts rubbing with two fingers… rocking her hips with the rhythm.  She goes from side to side, then front to back and then over again but with different speeds and pressures. 

Joni moans quietly with the soft and slow strokes, then gets louder with each additional pass.  Soon, she is almost ready to let her cum flow, and she slows herself down.


Her fingers go back to softly and slowly rubbing on the inflamed and puffy pink lips.  She couldn’t stand it any longer, she had to have something in her pussy and Erick was not there to help.  With one full motion, Joni shoved two fingers as deep as they could go into her hot opening and let out a gasp.  Her pussy felt so good.  She just sat there for a minute or two and let her soft pussy form around her fingers with its wetness oozing out into the surrounding bath water.


After her fingers felt comfortable in their warm and wet cavern, they started to move in and out slowly.  It felt so incredible to have something finally in her pussy, but this was not enough.  She felt too contained sitting down in the bathtub.  So, Joni raised up both legs, and hung them over the edge, one on each side of the tub.  Now her pussy was just above the water level, but still able to dip down into the tub when needed.  She then brought her other hand forward to meet with her clit, while the opposite hand probed her pulsing pussy opening.  Both hands were working their magic at the same time, which is something that Joni rarely does due to lack of time and the need to get a quick fix.


Joni started pumping her hips in and out of the water.  For some reason the trickle of water coming down over her hardened clit was making her more and more excited each time it happened.  She then closed her eyes, and pictured Erick sitting at the other end of the bathtub with his fingers in her pussy and his mouth sucking gently on her clit.  Moving his fingers in and out and working Joni’s clit between his teeth.  This was all too much for her to handle.  With one powerful thrust of hips, fingers, and a push on her clit, Joni loudly moaned, “ERRRIIIIICCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!” forgetting that he had not actually been there to see this, and let her cum flow down over her ass crack into the quivering water.


Joni sunk back into the water with a few moans escaping from her light pink lips, with her hands still on her pussy, and she just lay there.  About five minutes had passed, when she glanced at the clock.  Erick had gotten out of class fifteen minutes ago and should be home anytime now.  She hurriedly sponged her body, making sure to remove all the evidence of her fun, and jumped out of the tub.  She wrapped a towel around her, drained the water, and grabbed her lingerie to head for her room.


Once in the room, she found her body lotion and rubbed it all over her body.  From her feet to her ear lobes were softly moistened with the beautiful smelling lotion.  Joni then put on her new lingerie, hoping Erick would like the ivory satin material on her semi-tan skin.  She then went to her closet where she found a few of her favorite novelties to use when Erick got home, and then went to the kitchen to grab a few sexy treats.  Joni was walking back down the hall when she heard Erick’s car pull into the carport.  She ran down the hall with an armload of things, and set them next to the bed. 

Joni quickly lit a match and walked around the bedroom lighting all but a few of the beautiful glowing candles.  She slipped her terrycloth robe and bumblebee slippers on, and ran out to the living room to meet Erick at the door.


When Joni heard Erick’s key go into the hole, she opened the door and met him with a smile, but for some reason he didn’t smile back.  She knew that he was really going to appreciate this night.  Joni said, “What’s wrong boo?”  Erick just glanced at her with a worried look on his face and said, “I really don’t want to talk about it now.”  Joni was beginning to worry, but she wasn’t going to let this stop her.  She took his coat and hung it in the closet as he went over and collapsed on the couch.


Joni walked over to Erick and stood in front of him looking down with a smile on her face.  Erick looked up and her and said, “And just what is that smile on your face for?”  He obviously had no idea what Joni had planned for him that night.  She sat down beside him on the couch and laid her head on his shoulder and asked, “What is wrong sweetheart?” because she knew when something was bothering her baby boo and she had promised him that she would always be there to talk to when he needed her.  Erick just gazed over at Joni, kissed her on the forehead, and said, “I love you”.


Erick always made Joni feel so important and loved, and she thought this was a good time to show her appreciation to him.  Joni stood up and faced Erick who was still sitting on the couch.  She kicked off her slippers and started to untie her robe.  Erick had a confused look on his face, but he would soon know what her intentions were.  When Joni had finished undoing her robe, she told Erick to look and not take his eyes off of her.


She parted the top of her robe slowly, teasing Erick’s eyes with her smooth hands rubbing her upper chest in small circles.  He reached forward with his eager hands to reveal the rest of her beautiful body, but she stepped back and told him that his time for touching would come soon enough.


As Joni’s robe fell off of her shoulders and onto the floor around her feet, Erick was speechless looking at her radiant skin glowing in the dimmed room.  She bent down to Erick and started to unbutton his blue and white striped shirt, which she almost hated to take off because he looked so sexy dressed up in his business clothes.  Joni suddenly realized that the living room couch had not properly been prepared for an evening of fun like the bedroom had, so she grabbed Erick by his tie, and led him into the softly lit bedroom smelling of raspberry rain.  He looked around and questioned Joni, “What is all this about?”


Joni just shook her head, and pulled on Erick’s tie towards the bed.  As Erick was sitting down, the bowl of fresh fruit and Joni’s scented oils on the nightstand caught his attention.  He got a big smile on his face as his favorite expression escaped from his mouth, “Yeah Baby YEAHHHH!”.  She just leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the lips.  Then put her hands on his shoulders and squeezed gently while running her soft warm tongue up the edge of his left ear.  Joni then stood up and walked out of the bedroom.


She returned seconds later with the black leather chair from the office next to the bedroom.  She placed it at the end of the bed and told Erick to sit there.  She said, “You will not take anything off, you will not touch me or yourself, and you must keep your eyes on me”.  Erick’s eyes got big and he looked sort of concerned, but he knew Joni would take good care of him.


As Erick sat in the chair at the end of the bed, Joni crawled up towards the other end and positioned some pillows behind her to lean on.  She started rubbing her nipples through her lingerie top, as her legs started to part. 

She looked down at Erick and he looked as if he was going to jump up out of that chair and coming charging at Joni on the bed.  Joni just licked her lips and blew a kiss to him.


She lay there at the opposite end of the bed with her head back, eyes closed, and biting her lips.  Her left hand stays concentrated on her nipples, but her right hand works it’s way down past her stomach finally ending underneath her panties.  Erick can see Joni’s hand slowly stroking her clit, as a few faint moans drift from Joni’s tight lips.  He reaches down to undo his pants and Joni, without even looking up, says “You better leave those on boo…”  Erick slowly brings his hands away from his zipper and wonders to himself how she knew what he was doing.


Joni then takes her hand out of her panties, and sticks her middle finger in her mouth.  “MMMMMmmmmm, my pussy tastes so good tonight!”  She lifts up her butt off the bed and slides her panties down off her hips to her ankles. 

Joni bends down and removes the rolled thong and tosses it at Erick’s face. 

It hits his chin, and slides down his chest to rest at the top of his belt buckle.  The growing mound inside Erick’s pants catches Joni’s eye, as she sits up.


She then reaches over to the night stand next to her bed, and opens the drawer.  Erick knows what is in this drawer as Joni has had him use it on her before.  She removes a large black dildo and quietly shuts the drawer. 

Joni then lays back once again with the dildo resting between her two large breasts.  She says, “Erick, would you like to watch me fuck myself with this lil toy?”  Erick shakes his head in an up and down motion as if he was dazed.


Joni scoots her butt down a little, and spreads her legs wide open.  She takes the ten-inch toy in one hand and spreads her glistening pussy lips with the other.  The long shiny object slides up and down her gaping crevasse.  Somehow, her legs seem to spread even wider for an excellent view from Erick’s position.  Joni glances down to see Erick gripping the arms of the chair so as not to disobey Joni’s instructions.  She let’s herself relax and positions the head of the dildo against the tight entrance.  “MMMmmm, baby you want me to slide it in slowly or ram this thing into my pussy?”


Joni’s is fully relaxed as she slowly twists and turns her toy until the head is just inside her wet pink lips.  “Ohhh my god, my pussy is so tight”, Joni says.  She starts working it side to side and then in and out little by little until the dildo is making full stroking motions.  Erick can hear her warm juices flowing between the toy and her slippery vaginal walls.  “Erick, make sure you don’t touch anything yet…”  He once again wonders if she can read his mind.  With each stroke, the rhythm gets faster and faster.  “Ohhh baby, do you want to fuck me yet?”  Joni screams.  Erick does not say a word, but Joni can almost hear his large chocolate cock trying to rip through his pants.  Joni really starts working her toy in her pussy, as Erick just stares.  She says, “Erick, take off your pants and come over here”.


Erick does not hesitate one bit, and quickly undoes his belt and slips his pants off.  He walks over to the edge of the bed that Joni is nearest to, and sits down.  She takes the dildo out of her, and lays it on the nightstand next to the bowl of fruit.  Joni tells Erick to peel a banana and get down at the end of the bed.  Once again, Erick doesn’t think twice about what he is doing.


Once he is down at the end of the bed with the peeled ripe banana, Joni sits up and wiggles her way down so her pussy is right in front of Erick’s face. 

She then lays back and says, “Use the banana like a toy, but be gentle so it won’t break”.  Erick spreads open Joni’s wet lips, and slowly inserts the banana into her pussy.  “MMMMMMmmmmmmmm”


Slowly, Erick pushes in and pulls out, watching Joni’s facial expressions carefully.  He continues this for a while, then without any warning at all, Joni gasps loudly as she feels Erick’s delicate lips over her clit with his tongue gently teasing her clit.


In all of Joni’s life, she has never had a lover like Erick.  He takes his time and makes sure that Joni is enjoying herself, unlike most other men who are just out to get theirs.


Joni’s body suddenly tenses up, and her legs clamp down around Erick’s head.  She begins grinding her hips into his face and pinching her own nipples. 

“Ohhhh shit, I’m gonna cum baby… I’m gonna cum!”  Erick feels Joni start to shake from her feet to her knees and up the rest of her body as thick clear fluid pours from around the banana still engulfed in her pussy.  Joni’s legs soon become relaxed again, and they slide off of Erick’s shoulders.


Erick gets up with the banana, walks towards the table, and sets it down. 

Joni says, “What are you doing?”  Erick looks at the piece of fruit covered in Joni’s cum and says, “We are done with it aren’t we?”  Joni motions for him to come sit next to her on the bed by patting the space beside her with her hand.  She then reaches over and grabs the banana.  She tells Erick to close his eyes, and not to open them until she says so.


Joni takes the banana and waves it in front of Erick’s face.  “Do you smell that boo?  What does it smell like?”  He says nothing, just sits there wondering what to do.  Joni then takes the cum covered fruit and lightly drags it around his mouth on his lips.  She tells him to open his mouth. 


When he opens his mouth, she gently slides the banana onto his tongue, “take a bite…now open your eyes”.  Erick opens his eyes just in time to see Joni start to lean towards him with her eyes closed and her mouth slightly gapped open. Their lips connect for a very long passionate kiss. They turn their heads from side to side, while playing with each other’s tongues.


Joni’s hands start to move up Erick’s back pulling him closer and closer to her.  Her left hand glides up over his head, then comes back down around his ear, down his neck, and across his chest to one of his nipples.  She lightly tickles it with her fingernails, and then tugs gently.  Joni takes her mouth away from his, and moves to his right ear lobe.  She blows softly around his ear, then sticks her tongue out and licks up the edge.  “I love you,” she whispers.  Joni then drags her tongue down the side of his neck from his ear, stopping to kiss and nibble every few inches.


Her lips are first attracted to his left nipple.  Joni looks up into Erick’s eyes as her mouth gets closer to the tiny hardened mound on his chest.  She brings her head up and back, and her lower lip barely catches the edge of his nipple.  When she lowers her head once again, her soft mouth wraps around the nipple, as she gives a little suck.


Erick is now running his fingers through Joni’s long beautiful hair.  Joni kisses and nibbles her way down Erick’s stomach and stops just above his pubic hairline.  Joni looks down and sees that his dick is sticking straight out almost touching Joni’s breasts.  She takes a hold of his dick with one hand, and lifts up one of her breasts with the other so that his head and her nipple are rubbing together.  “Does that feel good Erick?” Joni says with a smile.  “Ohhhh yes baby, play with my cock some more. Put it in your mouth, PLEASE!”  Erick says between his deep breathing.


“Mmmm boo, I love it when you beg…” Joni lets her breast fall back into place, and away from Erick’s thick chocolate cock.  She bends her head down, and lightly flickers her tongue on the end of his dick.  She then lifts his hardness up a little and kisses his balls, massaging them with her warm wet lips.  She takes each one into her mouth, and gently rubs them with her tongue, sucking gently at the same time.  From his ball sack, Joni drags her tongue up the under side of his dick, which she calls the “fault line”. 

Joni makes sure to let him know she’s there, so she applies a little more pressure with her tongue and uses her tongue ring to go back and forth over the vein.  When she reaches the head, she slowly puts her mouth over it, letting Erick feel just how hot she had become.


Inch by inch, Joni takes Erick’s pulsing cock into her mouth.  When it is half way down her throat, and her lips are on the base of it, she begins moving her head back and forth, letting his manhood work in and out of her mouth.  His hands are still on her head, guiding it in the direction he wants it to go.  In and down her throat it goes, then back out as it makes a suctioning sound.  Her lips are so tight around his cock, yet she gets them tighter.  Joni grabs Erick’s butt cheeks and squeezes.  She then moves her hands around to his sides and grasps his hips.  She starts pumping his dick in and out of her mouth.  All the way down her throat, so far she can almost not handle it.  It tastes so good.  Erick lets out a quiet moan, and looks down to watch his hard cock slide in Joni’s mouth.  She takes it out of her mouth and uses one of her hands to stroke it, as she positions the head right in front of her awaiting face.  “Baby, cum on my face.  Blow that hot love all over my fucking face!  Ohhh, you taste so good boo.”  As her hand comes towards her mouth with one of the strokes, Joni sticks the very tip of her tongue into the hole at the end of his dick.  Wiggling back and forth, and swirling around in circles, her tongue and Erick’s cock seem to create magic together.  Erick lets go of Joni’s head and grabs his cock “Oh my fucking God, I’m gonna cum, where do you want it?”  Joni closes her eyes, and says, “Spray it all over my face, make sure you get some in my mouth too, MMMmmm”  With a loud grunt, Erick’s cock releases its built up pressure on Joni’s face, hair, and breasts.  Erick’s hand drops away from his cock, so Joni grabs it and starts pumping it again, as more cum flows out and drips onto her tits.


Joni looks up into Erick’s eyes and smiles.  Her hands come up to her chest and rub the hot cum all over.  After she is done rubbing most of it in, she brings her hands to her mouth and licks each finger, sucking every drop of cum off of it.  Joni then sees a tiny drop of cum on Erick’s dick, which is harder than ever.  She bends her head down, and slurps the wonderful tasting fluid off the head of his cock.


Joni then instructs Erick to lay on his back in the middle of the bed.  He knows what is coming, and does as he is asked.  She gets up off the floor and stands on the bed over Erick’s rock hard cock.  She then turns around so that her butt is facing Erick and bends completely over, so her ass is spread wide open.  “You can touch it if you want”, she says.  Erick reaches up and slides his finger over her wet slit, and then massages around her asshole.  “Baby, do you want your cock in my ass tonight?”  Erick replies with, “Mmmm, baby yes I do.”


Joni then turns around again, and squats over Erick’s cock, rocking back and forth so that the tip of it just barely rubs on her pussy lips.  She gets down on one knee, and takes his dick in one of her hands.  She presses the head of his dick on the soft slick opening of her pussy.  “Do you want to go in yet?” she asks.  Erick’s hips thrust upward, all the way into her pussy and he says, “Did that answer your question?”


Joni has a really tight pussy, and Erick has a pretty good-sized dick.  When Erick shoved it in, it hurt, and Joni wanted to scream out, but it was the most pleasurable pain she had even experienced in her whole life.


She then put her other knee down, so that she was sitting on Erick, with his dick fully engulfed in her hot and oozing pussy.  She rose up a little, then wiggled her way back down, even further onto Erick’s stiff toy.  Her hips started moving front to back, then side to side and then around in circles, slowly.  Erick could feel the muscles inside her pussy tugging, and sucking on his cock.  His dick felt so good up in her, he almost couldn’t take it any longer.


Erick reached up to fondle Joni’s breasts, but she grabbed his hands and pinned them down at his sides.  As she held his hands down, she used them for leverage as she sat up almost off of his dick, then slammed back down onto it.  Then she bent down, and started biting his nipples, to the point where it almost hurt, but still felt great.  Joni was getting very excited, and her love juices were flowing out of her pussy and down onto Erick’s balls.  She started grinding her hips hard so that with every thrust forward, her clit would rub on Erick’s pubic bone.  Joni started whining and moaning loudly, “Cummmmm with me Erick, please cum with me”.  Joni’s ass started bouncing up off of Erick, and he rose up to meet her every time. 


Joni was watching Erick’s face when his eyes started to role back in his head and he bit his lips.  She started screaming, “Ohhh… Ohhhhh… OHHHHH!” 

While only seconds later, “UUHHHHHhhhhh!” escaped from Erick’s lips.


Both Erick and Joni were motionless for a few minutes when Joni rolled off of him and snuggled up beside him on the bed.  Erick had his arm around her shoulders, and Joni was playing with the tiny hairs around his nipples with one of her hands.  “That was fabulous sweetheart”, Joni says.


After they relaxed there for a while and talked about their day, Joni had noticed that Erick’s dick was hard AGAIN.  This did not bother Joni at all because she loved pleasing her man in any way she could.  She said softly to Erick, “Do you want to fuck my ass now sweetie?”  Erick just gazed over at Joni and smiled.


Joni and Erick both got up off the bed, and stood at one of the sides. 

Erick placed Joni in front of him, and told her to get on her hands and knees on the bed.  Joni bent over and crawled onto the soft bed.  She then grabbed one of the pillows from the bed and placed in right under her face. 


She had only tried anal once before with Erick, but it had not worked because she was too tense.  Now she was extremely relaxed and ready to try again.


Erick took a few steps forward and stood directly behind Joni with his hands on her ass.  “You have a beautiful ass girl…”  Erick always makes Joni feel so loved with all his compliments.  There is nothing Joni wouldn’t do to make Erick happy.


Erick tells Joni to spread her ass apart, so she lays her head down on the pillow, and reaches back with both hands to grab her ass.  Erick takes one of his hands and rubs it on Joni’s fresh wet pussy, then smears those juices all around her tight asshole.  Erick then takes his dick in one of his hands and lightly pushes on her cute pink entrance.  As Joni relaxes more, Erick takes his cock away from her ass, and slides it into her pussy to get some lubrication.  He then brings it back up to her butt hole.  Slowly, he pushes harder and harder.  Her tiny hole begins to stretch to accommodate his large slippery cock.  She moans and breathes heavily for the first few minutes. 


When he has gone about 3 inches in, he takes it back out and dips into her wet pussy once more.  Erick then aims for her open hole again, and slowly shoves it back in. 


“Mmmmmm!” Joni exclaims.  She feels even more pressure now as Erick pushes harder into her ass.  Finally, Erick’s whole cock is in Joni’s hot ass.  He starts moving it in and out, very slowly so she can get use to this wonderful feeling.  Joni then let’s go of her ass cheeks and gets up on her hands again so she can assist Erick’s pumping with her own movements.


Erick’s cock is moving in and out of Joni’s ass rapidly.  She is pushing back onto him with the same force as he is pushing into her.  Every time they come together they could hear the slap of their skin meeting.  Erick slaps her ass as he is pumping her beautiful pink asshole.  Then, he grabbed her hips and his pace quickened.  Joni reached with one hand down between her legs and began to roll her clit between her thumb and fingers.  This was the most incredible feeling she had ever had.  With Erick’s cock in her ass, and Joni playing with her clit, she was about ready to explode.  Erick was back there pumping with all his strength, “Do you like that baby???  Does my cock feel good in your ass?”


Joni tosses her head back, and her hair lands in a soft pile on top of her. 

“Pull my hair baby”.  Erick grabs a hold of Joni’s hair with one hand and leaves his other on her hip.  Joni pushes back onto his cock, and wiggles her butt from side to side, “Are you gonna cum for me boo?”  Quickly, Erick let’s go of Joni’s hair and hip, and pushes her forward a little bit, “I’m gonna cum for you right now baby!”  Joni hears Erick stroking his hard and slippery cock, and suddenly feels warmth covering her back and ass in squirts.  Joni lays forward on her stomach and reaches around to her back and smears the white creamy fluid around and down her butt.  Erick just stands there and keeps pumping more cum out of his cock.  He then collapses on the bed next to Joni.


Erick rolls over onto his back, while Joni puts her pillow under his head, and grabs her bowl of fruit.  She lays on her side, and drags a strawberry around his chest, swirling gently over his nipples, then lightly touches it to his lips.  She tells him to open his mouth, and she just lets the strawberry sit there, resting on his beautiful thick lips.  Joni then bends down and takes the luscious ripe strawberry in her teeth, and shoves it part way into his mouth, and their lips connect together for one last kiss before bed time.

Written by the subscriber Joni



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Ms. Robboy is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Center for Growth Inc and How To Have Good Sex Inc.  Alex practices marriage and family therapy and sex therapy, and also conducts periodic seminars about human sexuality throughout the northeastern United States.

Ms. Robboy graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where she earned a Masters degree in Social Work, a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Human Sexuality Education and a Post-Masters Certificate in Marriage Counseling & Sex Therapy. Through the American Board of Sexology, she is a board certified sexologist and through the American Association of Sex Educators Counselors and Therapists a certified sex therapist.  Additionally, she is a licensed clinical social worker and a member of the American Board of Marriage and Family Therapy.


  Our Philosophy sex is like dancing, it changes every time. It depends on culture, atmosphere and mood. Sometimes it is done alone, with a partner or in a group. It can be fast and hard or slow and soft. Sex is a combination of non-verbal negotiation and verbal cues: a scream, a twitch of the toes, or a flush of the face. There is no one 'right' way to move, only what feels good to all those involved. 
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