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The Hitchhiker Episode (Written by a subscriber, Joy N.)

 So there I was, a 23-year-old female, in the middle of some God forsaken place, Kansas, Iowa, I didn’t know anymore.  Trip across country would have been easier if I had not lost the stupid bus ticket.

 How could it be so hot and dry?  Felt like I was burning up, not even some shade to take refuge from the sun.  Just an empty two lane road for as far as I could see. No cars, houses, not even a damn animal to break the monotony.

 The one bag I carried, which contained all my worldly goods, was falling apart as were the clothes it carried.  Hardly worth the effort to drag it along with me.

 I glanced again at the endless road and caught sight of a vehicle approaching.  It appeared to be an old black convertible.  It slowed down, thank God.  Maybe I could hitch a ride to the next town so I could at least get to a phone.

 The car pulled to a halt in front of me.  The driver, a guy about 30 years old, with a beautiful tan muscular body and jet black hair, asked if I needed a ride.  Boy, did I!  Without so much as a moment’s hesitation, I climbed in beside him, tossing my bag in the back seat.  He asked my name. I told him “Joy.”  He said to call him Johnny.  He started the car up, asking where I was headed.  I told him, “Anywhere there is a phone so I can get myself out of this mess.” 

 Johnny said the next town was about 3 hours away. 

 I was so thirsty and asked if by chance he might have some water in the car somewhere.  Johnny smiled, “I can do better than that.  I have a cooler in the trunk with 2 six packs of Bud.”  My mouth started to water even though I am not much of a beer drinker.  Johnny continued, “I always bring something to drink because I know this stretch of highway and there is only one shady spot which is about 10 miles away.  We can stop there and have a few to cool off.” 

 The temperature must have been close to 100.  My cut off jeans were sticking to me.  I was so sweaty that I had to keep pulling them out of my crack.  My scoop neck thin white blouse was almost transparent from perspiration. I could have wrung it out.  I had taken off my bra long ago, as it was just too hot to wear, so my nipples were easily visible under my blouse.  Johnny didn’t seem to notice or, if he did, he didn’t say anything.

 After a few minutes, he turned off the main road and up ahead I saw a small stand of trees.  I thought, so this must be the spot he spoke of.  He pulled the car into the shade and quickly hopped out, going to the trunk.  A moment later he appeared with one of the six packs and a blanket.  (Secretly I wondered, where in the hell did he think he was going?  To a picnic?)  But I was thirsty and eagerly took a bottle from him and started to swallow the beer even before the foam had a chance to settle down.  I held the cold bottle to my forehead and then my breasts.  Felt so good.  Before I knew it, I was finished with it.  Johnny offered me another and this time I drank it more slowly. 

 By now the heat and beer had gotten to me and I relaxed on the blanket, just exhausted from the traveling and high temperatures.

 I must have fallen asleep because I was next aware of him lying beside me.  I awoke to the gentle touch of his hand as it ran across my cheek and brushed my hair from my eyes.  He looked intently at me, with the darkest eyes I had ever seen on anyone.  They appeared almost black.  I commented on his eyes and he said that the color was the norm for his people.  “And who are your people,” I asked.  “Apache Indians,” he replied.  He went on to say that very dark eyes and bodies almost free of hair was a normal trait for them. 

 I asked to see his chest, curious to see if he really was hairless or not.  He took off his shirt, revealing his tan body and smooth chest.  I couldn’t resist touching it and when he closed his eyes I could see an expression of enjoyment on his face.

 My hands traveled down his chest to his waist and back up again, circling his nipples.  I then moved them downward, touching the silver studded leather belt that securely held his jeans in place.  The rising bulge in his jeans told me he was more than a bit interested in my proceeding.  I continued, unfastening his belt and slipping it out of the loops on his jeans.  His jeans had a button fly so I proceeded to work each button open, ever so slowly.  Before I could get to the last button, his cock was already exposed, as he had nothing on under his jeans.   I went to his feet, removed his boots and socks and started pulling his jeans down.  His assistance told me he was as eager for this encounter as I was.   Finally removing his jeans, he lay there naked, wearing nothing but the most beautiful hard on I had ever seen.

 As I bent to kiss the tip of his cock, he pushed me back and started to remove my clothes.  The blouse came off first, over my head.  He was kissing my breasts even before I was completely out of my blouse.  He then unzipped my shorts and I raised my pelvis to assist him in that chore.  He planted a kiss on my stomach as he drew the shorts down and over my feet.  My bikini panties were next to go and I quickly was in the same stage of undress as he.  He started kissing my face, nibbling my ears, and worked down the length of my body, going from neck to breasts, to stomach, hips, outside of legs and feet.  Once at my feet, he started back up, this time kissing the inside of my calves, which by now were further apart in order to assist him.  His kisses continued up the inside of my thighs.  I was so ready for him.  I could feel the juices flowing from my cunt  His hand went to my pussy and his mouth followed.  My legs were wide open, wordlessly begging him to continue.  His tongue found my clit and he started circling it while his fingers roamed the depths of my vagina.  In no time my body was rising and falling in attempt to fuck his fingers.  With a great shudder and moan, I entered the realm of ecstasy.

 His fingers rested for just a moment before he again was probing the depths of me, again bringing me to another orgasm.  His expert hands seemed to know all the places to touch and the degree of pressure to use.  I had to wonder where this Indian learned the art of making love.

 My turn to pleasure him was soon to be had.  I started with the kisses on his face, much as he had done me, and proceeded down his body.  By this time his cock was bulging, glistening at the tip, eager for release.  I brought my mouth down upon him, taking all of him into my mouth and throat.  With one hand I massaged his balls and with the other I gathered some of my love juices on my fingers.  I then proceeded to explore his body even further by inserting my finger in his anus.  The sounds coming from him told me that I was doing the right thing and I started sucking harder on his cock, while at the same time slightly squeezing his balls and probing his bottom.  In what seemed like no time at all, I could feel the spasms going through his body as he came in my mouth, depositing his juices deep in my throat.  I swallowed, enjoying the taste of him.  Then I moved up to his face and we shared deep kisses, mixing our saliva with the remains of his ejaculate in my mouth.

 After resting for an hour or so, Johnny said we needed to be going.  We dressed and got back in the car.  I was very aware of the wetness of my panties, but enjoyed the dampness as a reminder of the time we spent together.

 A few more miles down the road, there appeared a small café with adjoining bar.  A sign hanging outside indicated a phone could be found inside.  Johnny bid me farewell and I him.  As he drove off, I entered the café, carrying my beat up bag of clothes, dressed in a dirty, sweaty blouse and shorts.  Decided to freshen up so headed straight for the ladies room.  Once inside, I dug through my bag of clothes looking for something that was a bit cleaner than what I had on.  What I found, however, was the bus ticket.  I changed clothes, pulling a lime green skintight tank top over my bare breasts and discarding my shorts for a very short denim skirt.  I pondered whether or not to wear panties but quickly decided that they weren’t necessary.

 As I exited the ladies room, I noticed three guys sitting at the bar.  The one furthest away from me gave me a wink and I moved onto the empty stool next to him.  He gazed approvingly at my body and asked what I was doing in a dive like this.  My mind raced for a moment before I blurted out my story.  My boyfriend, Johnny, just dumped me; I lost my bus ticket and am on my way to Phoenix.  “What a coincidence,” he replied.  “I’m headed that way.  Be happy to have the company.”  I gave him a big smile, taking in his sandy blonde hair, green eyes, and muscular arms.  He picked up my bag, grabbed my hand, and we started for his pickup truck.  “Little lady, your misfortune has turned into my lucky day.”  Little did he know how lucky his day would become!

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