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  • An erotic story “TO CATCH A THIEF” (Written by the subscriber, Evil Bunny)  

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HTHGS: An erotic story “TO CATCH A THIEF” (Written by the subscriber, Evil Bunny)

2 A.M    all of the little boys and girls had gone to bed and the time was ripe to go a-thieving.  

Sarah was a pro.   Not a pocket or a lark, but a die-hard cat burglar.... and she'd never been caught.   At 5'10" and 120lbs she was well built and athletic from the tips of her auburn-red hair to her flashing storm-green eyes, she was a picture of perfection.   3 months work casing a roll, one night of pure adrenaline rush, and 9 months of fun in the sun.   She knew what living meant.  Tonight would let her retire to a cozy bungalow on a sunset-washed Caribbean beach for the better part of a year with nothing to do except compare lovers.   All she needed was the matched pair of emeralds from Troy Avalard's Penthouse apartment.   And she knew just how to get them.   She tucked her wonderful curves into her dark gray full body spandex and tucked her luscious hair into her skin-tight hood as she stood in the alley beside the 16-story luxury condo.  She grinned a quick smile as she watched the clouds roll in over the harbor, effectively hiding the moon and taking care of any chance she might be spotted during her treacherous climb, then she slid her fingers into the tight mole-skin climbing gloves and moved to where the elevator housing made a small but noticeable cleft up the outside of the building.  The granite would have been stark in the moonlight but the roiling of the clouds from the threatening storm let shadows dance over her, enfolding her like a lovers arms.  The climb was relatively easy, if a little bit tiring and she was soon perched on the bedroom balcony to the top floor suite.  Glass doors and a complicated safe the only things between her and another year of life, love and passion.  She carefully slid her lock-picks into the primitive bolt on the balcony doors and the simple lock yielded to her efforts faster than a teenage virgin at a prom. Oiling the doors for silence she scanned the room to make sure there was no one in, not that she was overly concerned, Troy was out on his boat with his newest little boy toy, she didn't expect him to want t o come back any time soon.  He was the type of man who got every second out of what he paid for.   She slowly slipped into the room, careful not to trip any alarms and crossed the room to the king sized bed.  Satin sheets, hmmm what a waste… she thought to herself.   She could almost picture herself lying on them with any of a hundred men moving powerfully over her, inside of her, the visions so powerful that she could feel the press of the seam on her body suit against the warm cleft between her thighs.  She knelt on the bed, much as if she were straddling the lover in her mind's eye and sought out the small button hidden below the level of the pillows in the headboard.  Pressing the catch, she deftly caught the small panel of wood that swung out and revealed the hidden cubbyhole wherein lay the only gems worth more than diamonds.   Ice may be a girl’s best friend, but emeralds will let a girl play for a lot longer.  She slid her fine fingers around the lock on the cubby, caressing the metal as if it was a man and she was willing him to give up his last NOTHING!!!!

"You probably don't want to move too quickly," whispered a voice from the shadows.  Then she heard a small spitting sound and the gray of the night rolled her under, the dart stung only a little and she realized that things definitely weren't going according to plan…


Marcus was a burglar's burglar.   He was the guy you went to when you absolutely had to have the best, and his reputation was everything.   The harder the target, the better his rep when he ripped it off, the higher the prices he could charge his clients.  There was only one problem.   Two years, two top-paying jobs, both of them he managed to break in to just as the gorgeous girl passed out on the bed had left with the goods. No product, no pay.   She was seriously crimping his style, and the little gimmick with the phone that she had pulled on him at the last heist had almost gotten him 5 to 10 at Joliet, courtesy of the NYPD.  Saucy, daring, but definitely a dumb move on her part, she really shouldn't have done that, it was bad enough she pulled the heist in his backyard, twice as bad that she almost made him take the fall for it.  So Marcus decided someone would have to teach the high-rolling chick a lesson.  The Type that Daddy never could.


Marcus silently moved over to the bed and tenderly removed the small hypodermic dart from her thigh.  He stretched her out on the bed and carefully pulled the hood from her head, artfully arranging the cascade of wavy silken hair in a fan about her face.   Moving quickly but carefully he cuffed her wrists and ankles to the four posts of the bed, slid a dark blindfold over her eyes, then slid a slim switchblade from his pocket and sat on the edge of the bed waiting for her to wake up.   He'd paid Troy a small fortune for the use of his penthouse, and was certain they would remain undisturbed for the next several days.  Now it was time to see whether she had the guts to make it in the business, or whether she was going to just fall apart like so many others do when they finally trip up.


The first thing she woke up to was the cold kiss of a steel blade gently parting the seams on her skin-tight suit, she couldn't see anything and the pressure around her face let her know immediately that she had been blindfolded and gagged.  Not that she was about to scream anyway, It would be pretty hard for her to explain what she was doing dressed like this in the bed of a notorious women-hater like Troy.  The question was, she knew for certain the Troy was out on his boat, so who had trapped her during her heist?   More importantly what was going to happen to her now?  Rape wasn't out of the question, in fact the way she was bound she reasoned that it was in fact likely, though no pro she knew would stoop to such a thing, and most rapists wouldn't go to all this trouble when there was always easier meat on the streets.  These thoughts raced through her mind as she cautiously tested the restraints at hand and foot hoping not to alert whoever held her captive to the fact that she was awake.   She felt the thin ice-cold edge of a razor or knife of some kind as it lazily carved her suit into smaller and smaller strips of material. As the back edge of the blade gently grazed her cleft she couldn't help a small intake of air, a gasp of surprise to the electric tingle the feel of cold steel excited in her.  And surprisingly, she felt the gag silently removed. Strong hands that throbbed with heat pressed gently along her arms and then along her sides, as the thumbs barely rested over her nipples.   She tried to ignore what was happening, but her body betrayed her as her nipples slowly came erect under the stranger's gentle caress. Did she dare to speak?  Or would that just get the gag put back in her mouth. Sarah found it hard to play at a game that she didn't know the rules to. The gloriously heated hands moved away from her body and for a moment all she could sense was the breathing of the person on the bed with her. As yet she didn't even know if it was a man or a woman.  But she did know that whoever it was hadn't given up on the blade just yet.  She felt the knife slide between her skin and the tattered remains of her night suit, in a few second the suit had carefully been cut away, her arms and legs were still encased in the sheer dark gray material and a small collar of the same material remained around her throat, but the rest of her body lay uncovered, exposed to the stranger who wielded the blade with such deft skill.  She strained harder at the bonds but found that they had her stretched so tightly that she couldn't even get enough leverage to try to slide a wrist free.  Her struggles brought an amused chuckle from her captor and then again the dance of steel against her silken skin, not cutting, more like they used the back of the blade and ran it cunningly along the top of her breasts, then moving in ever smaller circle until she felt the ice point as it teased at first one, then the other nipple.  She stifled a gasp, afraid to react in any way, ashamed at the fact that she was actually turned on by

Her cry almost startles him, He’s been with many women, and he has always played to what they wanted.  For the first time he realizes that in this one case he can do anything he wants to her at any time that he wants. The power he feels is glorious and it’s all he can do to not ravish her right then and there.  But this is supposed to be a punishment, and he knows that she wants this as much or more than he does. So he forces himself to have some control.   He leaves her gasping there on the bed, her beautiful skin reflecting the wan light from the occasional glimpses of moon outside.  The thunderheads are still rolling in but their power seems nothing to the savagery he felt from her as his finger slid inside her.   He forces himself to step back from the bad and glories in watching as she struggles for breath against muscles gone into spasm from the violence of her orgasm.   He slowly peels off his shirt and his tight jeans, sighing as he feels himself suddenly free and gorged with blood, harder than he has ever been in his life.  It takes all of his will not to come right then and there, but he slowly gets control and moves back to the bed… she lets out a small mewing sound as she feels the mattress shift with his weight.  If he has already broken her then she must not be as sharp an operator as she thinks she is…  but time will tell….


Her mind explodes with colors, sounds and sensations.  And it takes a moment to realize that  

 The colors are just from the pressure of her blood pounding against her eyes, the sensations are the shackles biting into her ankles and wrists, and the sounds are her own cries of passion.  In a moment of lucidity she realizes that her captor is no longer touching her, in fact hasn't touched her for several minutes.  She can feel the warm wetness of her come running through her lips, and the aching soreness from when she ground up against his wrist to force as much pressure as she could on her clit… and she remembers that she cried out in despair when that sweet touch was suddenly taken away.  All she wanted was to ride his touch she never wanted it to end and he took it away.  Why??  What happens now?   She hears the sounds of him undressing, and after a moment feels the bed shift as he puts his weight on the mattress beside her.  She is afraid to talk, afraid that if she says anything he'll go away, it surprises her that that is the last thing that she wants.   He sits still beside her for long moments the only sounds that of her breathing, then she feels a touch, just to one nipple, it’s slick and warm, his finger, but coated with pre-cum as it slips silkily over her hardened clit.  She feels the shift of the bed as he strokes himself, knows that he's staring at her body and that she can hide nothing from him.  He pauses again, and again the single finger reaches out to coat her other nipple with a glaze of dew.   "Not like this" she wants to scream…. She wants it inside of her in one massive glorious explosion… not in dribs and drabs like she is but a canvas for paint…   yet she senses that this is a punishment of sorts and dares not give voice to her desires…. Because she knows for certain that if she admits to her desires, the ultimate punishment would be to deny her that release.   She feels the slickness of his cum-covered finger slide up along her jaw and it comes to rest in the cleft of her bottom lip, the silky slick feel of the cum coating him is to much for her to resist, she needs to know more of him, she can't see him, he won't let her feel him, he makes no noise, she does the only thing she can….  Her tongue creeps out and carefully laps at his finger, she tastes the slightly salty somewhat sweet taste of his pre-cum, and beneath that she feels the warm coarseness of the tip of his finger.   She can't help it and murmurs one word…  "More…."


She feels him shudder beside her as she hungrily sucks at his finger, knowing that the only way she might get what she wants is to find some way for him to lose control, to make him want to fuck her as bad as she wants him.   She feels him shift on the bed so that he is lying more or less beside her, and then she feels his tongue flick long the skin of her thighs…  A moan escapes her as she feels his breath against her sex and then she feels his tongue running along the outside of her lips.  She can feel him just barely touching his tongue to her, as if she were a fine brandy that ought to be sipped rather than drunk… and it's driving her insane.  All she want is for him to drive his tongue inside of her, to drink her come and lap at her clit, to nibble on her with those teeth that he sank into her breast so long ago, and all the while his hand is moving stroking at himself, and every drop of pre-cum he carries on his finger carefully to her mouth so that she can tongue it off of him, she floats in that halfway place, she can taste and smell his cum yet knows he has not felt release, she can feel herself building, coming to the edge over and over again but he refuses to let her go over the edge,  and all the while she remains tied in such a way that she can't even move3 to help herself get off… How long will he keep me like this she thinks…?   How long can he resist the temptation… why won't he fuck me damn it?


She tastes so good, it seems as if he could glory in eating her all night long.  He has never tasted a woman as sweet as her, and never had someone so hungry for him as well.    She greedily sucks at his finger and his rock hard shaft oozes more and more pre-cum… he's almost afraid to touch himself anymore, he's so on edge that the slightest thing could set him off… and he knows it….


Her fingers slowly slide the fine lock pick out of the seam of her right sleeve, straining to think clearly against the waves of pleasure rolling up her body from the constant rub of his tongue through her lips, praying she won't feel the small shift in weight to indicate she has been discovered.  Deftly she maneuvers the lock pick in the shackle holding her right wrist.  She let a soft moan escape her lips to cover the quiet click of the lock yielding to her expert caress.  Carefully she slides her arm from the restraint, and casts aside the blindfold, then in one sudden movement curls over and takes his throbbing shaft deep into her mouth, curling her arm around the small of his back to keep him from pulling away from her, she feels him hesitate for a moment as her move takes him by surprise and then her mind is cast into a whirlwind as his tongue probes hard against her and the three fingers of one hand slide deep inside of her.  She wraps her tongue firmly around his head and slides her hand once, twice, along his slick shaft then greedily drinks him down as he explodes in her mouth, thrusting his tongue as far inside her as he can, lapping her honey drenched slit, as if he could swallow her whole. She lets her silken tongue slide through the come in her mouth and across the velvet of his head, as his cock continues to throb uncontrollably, then swallows and grins as she feels it coat her tongue and throat…   He slides himself out of her mouth and flips end for end on the bed, pressing his lips against hers she can taste herself on his lips, their slick tongues sliding across each other, nothing seems to exist for either one of them except each others eyes and a deep urgent need that can be satisfied in only one way….   She feels his still rock hard shaft probe gently at her, then, in one quick movement, he buries himself to the base in her, the hardness of him pressing up against her clit as he rides her high…  control is out of the question and she screams as she writhes in her remaining bonds, She hardly realizes as he releases her other hand and her fingernails carve bloody furrows down his muscular back as he thrusts hard into her,  Incredibly she feels herself building to yet another climax, she can't breathe and sinks her teeth into the top of his shoulder,  feels the sweet pain of his teeth locking onto the base of her neck and gives herself over to wave after wave of pleasure as she feels him spurt again deep inside of her…..


She wakes to early morning sunlight casting over the wide satin-covered bed, the sheets still warm from where his body lay beside her last night.  No trace remains of the night’s activities except for the corner of a note sticking out of the partially opened cubbyhole.  She carefully swings the hidden cover open and a photograph of a pair of perfectly cut emeralds falls out along with a one-way plane ticket to Aruba.  The note is short and sweet.  "T. Avalard.   1354 suite 3 Callo Gayone, Aruba,  I'll race you there…."


One week later she let herself silently into the gorgeous penthouse suite and cast her penlight across the den at the large safe.   Moving silently in her padded boots she glides across the room, just one more shadow on a cloud-filled night.  She presses her ear up against the safe and her agile fingers start working there magic, convincing the steel vault to give up its secrets. A faint click echoes against the backwash of the sound of the rolling waves out the balcony doorway.  She edges the door open, and sitting alone on a display stand of black velvet sit two perfectly matched emeralds.  She pauses a moment in admiration to let the moment build, and in the silence hears a soft breath.  Then….


"You probably don't want to move too quickly," whispered a voice from the shadows…

Written by Evil Bunny



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