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HTHGS: What to do with a tongue pierce (Written by Shan & Claude)

Ask Shan & Claude,
Hello! I got my tongue pierced while my girlfriend has been away at school. She comes home in a couple of days and I want to surprise her with my new little helper. I know she is going to be proud of me for getting it pierced, but I want to be able to use it to satisfy her sexually also. Are there any special techniques I can use with my tongue ring during cunnilingus, or any other time while we are fooling around. I would love to know! Thank you. SETH

Hi Seth,
Have you healed yet?  It may be painful to utilize a tongue ring for sexual stimulation if your tongue is still “raw.”  As far as sexual stimulation goes - a tongue ring may be used for a variety of purposes.  It can put pressure on a very specific spot.  It can also provide a different physical texture and “sensation.”  Metal certainly feels different than a finger or tongue.  Also, the temperature can be somewhat different or modified which can also create different physical sensations.  However, only she can tell you what pleasures her!  If we advised you to do certain things she may not enjoy them!  Chances are she enjoys stimulation to her clitoris, but the pressure, speed, temperature and so forth will have to be figured out between you two!  So – our advise for your new tongue ring and your partner is to be willing to experiment and communicate with one another what works and what feels best.  Experiment!  Explore!  Get some yummy sauces – have fun!  This will take some work and an investment of time – but to us it is a fun and worthy investment in your relationship and in sexual pleasure.  You got the toy – now take the time to make sure it works for her and you!  Communication will be your greatest ally!  Enjoy!

 On another note… if you are not healed (and even if you are) you may want to explore the idea of a dental dam if you are going to “eat her out.”  A dental dam is a small latex barrier that separates body fluids.  This is something we recommend for everyone to be engaging in oral, anal, or vaginal intercourse. Shan & Claude Colestock

And if you do not have a tongue piece, but want to play anyway, why not try a vibrator that fits over the tongue!  Tongue JoyIf this is more than you can handle, and you still want to please your woman, try a regular vibrator at our very own sextoy shop   Written by Alex Robboy


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