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HTHGS: If my semen touches her vagina?

Ask Jennifer, 
I have a very personal, yet important question about pregnancy. My girlfriend and I "mess around" (slang term). We have never had conventional sex, where I stick my penis in her vagina. (I think I need to be graphic so you know what I am saying) We do occasionally get completely naked then I put lotion on my penis and she slides her vagina on the outside of my penis while I'm on my back. I have never put my penis in her vagina and we are careful about this. When I ejaculate I try to keep the semen away from her vagina. WE DO NOT WANT HER TO GET PREGNANT. She is on birth control. If my semen touches her vagina what are the chances of the sperm reaching her egg? Do I need to worry about this? What are the chances of her getting pregnant? Does sperm in the semen die when it touches air? I would appreciate this information, and when you send me something please send the information to this address.

Dear Toby,
Your questions are good ones, and I am glad that you are asking. The fact is that even if you do not have penile-vaginal intercourse, if semen is ejaculated near the vagina there is a chance that it could make its way inside and ultimately fertilize an egg if your girlfriend is ovulating. Also, there is something know as pre-ejaculate ( small drops of semen that leave the penis before actual ejaculation), and this contains sperm, just as ejaculate does. Therefore, while you are rubbing and grinding with your girlfriend, it is potentially possible for pre-ejaculate to enter the vagina and make its way to an egg.

If you are opposed to using condoms, even while just performing foreplay, then you may want to try contraceptive foams, gels, film and/or suppositories. each of these substances can be inserted into the vagina and will stop any sperm from making there way into the upper reproductive track. All of these products can be purchased at any local pharmacy ( they are nonprescription) and directions for use are right on the packaging. I hope that you will consider using these products in an attempt to prevent pregnancy. It is important to remember that non of these contraceptive products prevent the spread of STD's..only the condom can prevent the spread and/or transmission of STD's and HIV.

I hope that this information will be of help to you and your girlfriend. I thank you for your questions. Have fun and be safe. Jennifer 

This tip was written by Dr. Jennifer Giordano. 


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