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   How to last longer 

HTHGS: How to last longer (written by Thrasher)

 Dear Thrasher,
 I am not able to maintain sexual intercourse at least for five minutes. I usually come within 10 to 20 thrust. I tried viagra, taking 200mg at one time even when the doctor told me not to exceed 100mg a day, but it did not help at all. I have read about viagra that it can last erection for an hour or more. To me viagra is bullshit. When I had consumed 200mg,the love making is the same as not had taken it at all. Is there any other alternatives. I had tried other various creams like ''playboy', to slow down pre-mature ejaculation, but it make the penis less stiff. Is there anything like injection or what so ever stuffs, which would prolong erection and prevent premature ejaculation at the same time maintain stiffness, like the guys performing in porn star movies.

The problem of premature ejaculation is quite common in many men but in most cases can be easily treated. This condition has varied causes, more often psychogenic than organic ( this means it is probably psychological and not physical) The Kinsey male survey indicates that the majority of American men ejaculate within two minutes of vaginal penetration, so you by no means are alone.  The two most commonly used techniques for this condition are the "stop-and-go" and the "squeeze technique". First the stop and go technique can be done by yourself or with your partner. Your partner should sit in a comfortable position and begin to stimulate your penis either manually or orally until you are just about to ejaculate. At this point you or your partner should stop stimulation and resume only when you are in control of your responses. This stimulation and rest exercise should be repeated several times until you feel comfortable identifying and controlling your orgasmic response.  

The other technique is the squeeze technique, and can also be done by yourself or with a partner. The partner once again sits between your legs and stimulates your penis gradually bringing about an erection. When you feel yourself reaching the "point of no return" STOP!! At that time you or your partner should squeeze the glans (head) of your penis with your thumb and forefinger. this technique should reduce the orgasmic impulse. Do this several times each session until you feel comfortable having penile stimulation without reaching orgasm.

One last point that I would like to bring up with you and that is self medicating. You stated that you are or have taken 200mg of Viagra even though you doctor told you not to take more than 100mg. This is of concern to me for two reasons. First why were you prescribed Viagra for the condition of premature ejaculation? Viagra is used to treat erectile dysfunction (the inability to achieve and maintain an erection) and not premature ejaculation. Second, why are you not following you Doctors orders. One of the problems we have in America especially when it comes to medicine is "if one is good that two, three, or four must be better", that mentality can send you straight to the hospital or the funeral home depending on the medication. Doctors went to medical school for years and know (in most cases) how much of what drug you should take for your condition. Please listen to your doctor and follow his or her directions. Try those techniques and if they do not work please see a specialist in you area to find out if your problem may in fact be a physical one and not just a mental one. All for now, "The Thrasher".

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