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Size and Shape of Vaginas 

 HTHGS: Loose vaginal canal (Written by Shan & Claude)

Ask Shannon and Claudette,
I have been faithful for over a year now to my fiancé some times when we have sex he says that it feels different (loose) this has caused a lot of argument and dispute. I can't explain it. if you can shed any light on this subject that would be wonderful. Thanks, Wondering WV

Dear WV,
We were wondering if he has accused you of “cheating?”  Is that why you mentioned that you have been faithful?  Is that what the arguments and disputes are about?  It is absolutely possible that you were totally monogamous and still feel different.  The walls of the vagina are like any other muscle and can be strengthened and can lose muscle tone.  The issue that we are concerned about is trust.  If he is accusing you of cheating and that is why he thinks it feels different there may be issues about trust and honesty that need to be discussed and addressed.  There are exercises you can do to strengthen the contractions of your vaginal walls ­ but if he doesn’t trust you it wouldn’t matter if you had a vice in your pants!  We recommend that you both have a radically honest conversation about what is going on for the both of you to try to work out the level of trust and fears going on for one another.    Shan & Claude

Dear WV, 
In addition, to talking to your partner about the issue of cheating as Shan & Claude suggest, you may want to focus on strengthening your PC muscles. Having tight PC muscles will make your ‘vaginal canal’ feel tighter. Strong PC muscles not only give you more control over your orgasm, but intensifies them. Lastly, some women report that by simply flexing their PC muscles while the guy is inside of them, that they can make him cum!

Written by Alex Robboy, LCSW



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