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Curved Penis

  • Curved Penis - written by a subscriber

HTHGS: Curved Penis - written by a subscriber

Letter to the editor,
I saw the heading of your last newsletter and got a bit excited.

My last partner had a curved penis, and since then I'm convinced it's to a man's advantage to be a bit 'crooked' ;) Not only does it make things interesting, but such men can sort-of angle or turn themselves so that they can hit a woman's g-spot (assuming they're with a woman, I don't know you could do something similar with a man to hit his prostate gland). But anyways, for all the curvy guys out there, things may definitely be to their advantage, providing a little communication with their partners. Signed me.

Below please find my communication with Sara from Marie Claire interview, just wanted to let you know we love your newsletter!

Hello Sara,
I’m contacting you on behalf of my boyfriend, he has a curved penis (slightly upward) and in HIS opinion not very big. He is circumcised. (I think they look nicer) We have the most INCREDIBLE sex life! He wants sex all the time anywhere, anyplace ie…outside, cars, buses he can have sex for hours!

 (I once blew him on a bus ride full of passengers to Monticello from Manhattan… but that’s another story!) Sometimes he wants sex at the most inopportune times, but once he convinces me to comply it turns out to be such an incredible turn on! One time we were in a bowling alley and we ducked down one of the isles of lockers, he just pulled out his penis looked at me and said

“just suck it” I looked around to see men walking past our isle carrying their balls “literally” I was nervous yet excited at the same time, needless to say we both LOVED IT!

This has been going on for nearly four years now and has not slowed down one bit, its more exciting now then when we first met!

At times I feel like I’m not dressed sexy enough or I’ve spent the whole day cleaning feeling “Gross!” and he doesn’t care one bit in the least, his penis gets hard all the time! It’s amazing! We are just Hot for each other all of the time. He tells me he loves me UNCONDITIONALLY! Lately he’s been concerned with the size of his penis, recently in conversation he asked me how big my

X husbands penis was (the only other man I was ever with for 13 years) and I mistakenly answered “Much bigger than yours but he couldn’t do what you do!” I didn’t mean to say it like that, it just came out. Since then he’s obsessed with enlarging his penis, he feels that I’m not being totally honest with him when I tell him size doesn’t matter, he thinks I just accept him as he is, as he does I. Nothing could be further from the truth. Unfortunately I have girlfriends who are size queens and he’s convinced that women in general prefer a larger penis case closed! Although I try to explain to him some women NEED a larger penis because they have “Cave Holes” he claims it’s better to have a “Big One” ‘cause you don’t have to USE the whole thing! It’s like buying a fast car, you don’t have to go fast, but it’s nice to know it’s there if you need it! I am perfectly satisfied with the size of his penis, as a matter of fact the curve has a lot to do with additional stimulation in the right places!

I don’t know if my boyfriend would be willing to get interviewed about the size and shape of his penis but if you ask me the questions you would like to know I could ask him in my own way and try to get down to the bottom of things (no pun intended) and find out why he feels the way he does about it or if you would just like to get a “woman’s opinion on this subject” I would be glad to oblige!

Now you’ve got my curiosity about this subject and how men truly feel about their penises! (or is it like cactus and cacti). To be honest with you, if I had one I’d never leave the house! LOL. Thanks Again!



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