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Yeast Infections
(how to have good sex)

HTHGS: Yeast infection (written by Amanda Lambros, BA)

Ask Amanda,
I recently had sex with my boyfriend...Saturday night, it is now Tuesday. We had sex several times that night in fact, but I didn't think anything of it. I now have extreme vaginal itching, burning, stray sharp pains and redness. It bugs me because I've never been this bad off before. I mean it really hurts. I donít think I have an std or anything but I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I mean it's been a few days and it's really hurting me. I donít know what to do. I would appreciate a quick response please. Thanks. 

Dear Thanks,
I really understand where you are coming from...there are two simple answers and one difficult answer. I will start with the most obvious.  

Firstly, this itching/burning, etc.. can be a simple allergic reaction to latex (if you were using condoms). This is very common and can be cleared up easily with an allergy cream specifically designed for the genital area. If you were in fact using condoms, this is the most likely answer and from now on, you might want to either try lubricated condoms

(for some reason they don't cause as severe of a reaction) or a polyurethane condom (these are a little expensive but they will NEVER leave you with that itchy feeling again) for next time. 

The second easy answer is that you could have contracted a yeast infection. These are quite easy to develop especially if you have had sex with the same partner multiple times in one night. For this, I would suggest going to a doctor and getting some yeast infection medication (which can be a pill that will clear everything up within 24 hours or a cream which could take 3-7 days to clear everything up). The easiest way to tell the difference between an allergy and a yeast infection is that the yeast infection gets worse and begins to smell. 

Finally the one difficult answer is that you possibly could have contracted an STD. You can never be too sure unless you've been tested. If the itching/burning, etc...continues for more than 3 days and is getting progressively worse (even after the use of medication) I would strongly suggest going to a local teen health clinic and getting a test done. They are a simple swab, they don't hurt and some times, can mean the difference between life and death.  

In the meantime...cold compresses such as a cold wet face cloth can make the itching/burning sensation momentarily disappear (this is useful at night when you go to sleep). From now on, I would suggest using condoms at all times (I would suggest the lubricated ones or polyurethane) and if the problem persists...please seek the attention of a medical doctor. Feel free to bring this email to them so that you can describe whether it is an allergy or a yeast infection.  Hope that this helps in some way. Amanda



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