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Radioimmunoassay (RIA):
a procedure for assaying or quantifying minute amounts of target substances such as hormones, neurotransmitters, or drugs in blood or other tissue fluid. It is based on the action of the target substance to bind onto another substance, an antibody, for which it is known to have a special affinity. A measured amount of the target substance is labeled with a radioactive label. It is then mixed with the unlabeled target substance that circulates in unknown quantity in a sample of blood or other fluid, and a measured amount of the antibody is added. {The labeled and unlabeled substances compete to bind on to the antibody.} The amount of unlabeled target substance present can then be quantified, because it varies according to how much of its radioactive rival becomes antibody bound, and the latter can be measured with a radioactivity counter. This is the classical method of antigen competition.

Rape: to seize and take away by force; to plunder; to have carnal knowledge of a woman without the legal consent of her father, husband, or herself; seizing by force; sexual intercourse with the daughter or wife (conventionally not the son or husband) of someone else without her or his consent [from Latin, rapere, to seize]; (in contemporary usage) to be coercive sexually after a female partner has said no. Rape is not synonymous with raptophilia, the paraphilic syndrome. Rape, as in the pillage and rape of a victorious army is not the same as biastophilia or raptophilia, and is not a paraphilia. {This definition combines two previous versions--GFP}

Rape: an act of rapism. rape or rapism: the condition in which a person is dependent on the terrified resistance of a nonconsenting stranger, under conditions of unexpected assault and threats of further violence, in order to obtain erotic arousal and facilitate and achieve orgasm. The rape may be replayed in fantasy while masturbating or copulating. True rape is not the same as the coercive imposition of coitus on an acquaintance or spouse; synonym, raptophilia.

Rapism: see biastophilia; rape.

Raptophilia: see biastophilia [from Latin, rapere, to seize + -philia]. See also rapism reciprocation: the mutual process of adaptation, one to the other, as when the behavior of a person of one sex adapts itself to the behavior of the other. Synonym complementation.

Reductionism: the theoretically incorrect practice of reducing causality that is complex and multivariate to a single or univariate cause.

Renifleurism: sexuoerotic stimulation from the odor of urine [French, from Latin, ren, kidney] Synonym, urophilia.

Resolution phase: the fourth of four sexual phases delineated by Masters and Johnson; see also excitement, plateau, and orgasmic phases.

Reversible hyposomatotropic dwarfism: abuse-dwarfism; see also psychosocial dwarfism.

RH: releasing hormone, also known as releasing factor. One of the newly discovered peptide hormones secreted by cells in the hypothalamus of the brain. They release other hormones, especially from the nearby pituitary gland.

Rokitansky syndrome: see Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuester syndrome.

Romantic (noun, romance): having a wondrous or storybook quality, visionary and idealized. Romantic love belongs to the proceptive phase of a relationship, especially at its onset. Historically, in the songs of the troubadours of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, romantic love stopped short of the acceptive phase of sexual intercourse and marriage, but today there is no strict dividing line.


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The Founder: "Alex" Caroline Robboy, LCSW, QSW, CAS

Ms. Robboy is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Center for Growth Inc and How To Have Good Sex Inc.  Alex practices marriage and family therapy and sex therapy, and also conducts periodic seminars about human sexuality throughout the northeastern United States.

Ms. Robboy graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where she earned a Masters degree in Social Work, a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Human Sexuality Education and a Post-Masters Certificate in Marriage Counseling & Sex Therapy. Through the American Board of Sexology, she is a board certified sexologist and through the American Association of Sex Educators Counselors and Therapists a certified sex therapist.  Additionally, she is a licensed clinical social worker and a member of the American Board of Marriage and Family Therapy.


  Our Philosophy sex is like dancing, it changes every time. It depends on culture, atmosphere and mood. Sometimes it is done alone, with a partner or in a group. It can be fast and hard or slow and soft. Sex is a combination of non-verbal negotiation and verbal cues: a scream, a twitch of the toes, or a flush of the face. There is no one 'right' way to move, only what feels good to all those involved. 
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