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HTHGS: Experimenting with food (written by Kelly Connell, MS.Ed.)

Ask Kelly,
First I'd like to congratulate you on the information you've given people like myself! Although I haven't been able to locate questions/answers related to 'food & sex', it's been very helpful and fun! My husband and I want to experiment with food. We'd like to know if there are any tips, tricks, techniques that we can practice/use/try (you name it ). Personally I'm a bit concerned about infections, irritations that can result from food-sex-play. What kind of food should we avoid, egg. whipped cream Ė can it cause any problems? What type of food should we avoid putting in/on/around my vaginal canal, and/or his penis. Which ones can/will we enjoy the most!?!? Thanks a million, SWAK  -  Manny and Tony

Dear Manny and Tony,
Thanks for the kind words. Nice to know some people find the information valuable.

About Food . . . . I know of no food that should be avoided during sex. That doesn't mean there aren't any. One thing I would suggest is that is you are allergic to any food when you eat it. DONíT put it on your body. It may get into your body through your pores etc and you may have an allergic reaction!

Another suggestion is to be aware of the temperature of the food. For example, if you want to heat up chocolate sauce and use that, be careful that you do not get it too hot! Just as you could burn yourself by getting into a bathtub full of water that is too hot, you could burn yourself putting food on your body that is to hot as well. And remember, some areas of the body are more sensitive-such as the genitals. So test it before you dive into it. Some people find using things with different temperatures very exciting! Going from something warm to something cold can give an interesting sensation!

I would also recommend NOT putting anything into your vagina!! I know the idea of a sundae with a marachino cherry may sound exciting, but you don't want to put anything up there that you might not be able to get out.  Do you really want to go to the emergency room with nuts or other small food in your vagina and have them take it out? Also, don't fill your vagina up with food. Instead, put it around the vaginal opening, the clitoris, the vulva etc. Having food inside you that you cannot get out can lead to infection. Whipped cream, ice cream, chocolate sauce, Jell-O, whatever you like can be great. Experiment with the foods you both like. I once knew someone who liked to line marshmallows up his partners body then eat them one by one. Use your whole body too. Sex is more than just the genitals. I know of no harm, other than what we have already talked about, coming to him if you put food on his penis.

The one thing I would recommend is that when you are done having sex, you both wash off where ever on your bodies you had food. You may want to do this anyway because you may be sticky etc. but while there is no harm in using food during sex, if you don't wash afterwards, you may be opening yourself up to infection since food contains bacteria. I hope this helps! Bon Appetite! Kelly Connell, MS.Ed.



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