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HTHGS: Contraceptive & Antibiotics (written by Krlly Connell MS.Ed.)

Ask Kelly,
A month and a half ago my doctor prescribed the contraceptive pill (biphasil 28) as requested. I was already, and still am, on Mynomycin for acne treatment. He said that the antibiotic would not interfere with the contraceptive pill because I had been on the antibiotic for more than a month. Iím concerned about the effectiveness of the contraceptive. Please inform me on the risks / likelihood. Thanks for you time,

Dear Thanks for your time,
I do not know anything about this particular medication. I do know that many acne medications can cause harmful side effects for a fetus of you get pregnancy while taking them. As a result of this, many doctors require patients to take birth control pills at the same time. May be what your doctor what taking about is the time it takes for the Pill to be effective once you start taking it. It can take a full cycle of the Pill to protect you against pregnancy. What I would suggest is that you call the pharmaceutical company who makes the medication and ask them, and/or ask the pharmacist who gives you your prescription.  They should know. 

It is also important that you tell any doctor you see that you are taking birth control pills and want to be sure any medication they give you does not counteract them. I hope this helps. Kelly Connell, MS.Ed.


HTHGS:  Pregnancy Odds (Written by Kelly Connell, MS.Ed)

Ask Kelly,
Iíd just like to know what the odds of pregnancy are when only using the pill. Although we esteem that it would be a very smart move to continue wearing a condom, she doesnt like the feel of it nearly as much as going at it "natural". The means of contraception are just real turn-offs to both of us, the preparation is unbearable sometimes ... when we'd like to go at it in a "spur of the moment" type of thing ... And we'd just like to know what the odds of pregnancy are like. Obviously if the consequences of our carelessness risk being life-marking, than we will make a rare "occasion" of it. We're both almost adults, so consequentially, maybe still in the final stages of development of puberty. Just noting for the likelihood that this would lessen/augment the odds of pregnancy. Thank you Alex

Dear Alex,
First let me say I am very glad you are both being responsible and using birth control.

Oral contraceptives, or birth control pills as they are commonly called are an excellent method of contraception when used correctly. If used correctly they are 99.9% effective in protecting your and your partner from pregnancy. When the method fails, it is usually because of human error, not because the pills were unreliable.

 Some tips for taking the pill correctly include: taking one pill a day, every day at about the same time every day. The best way to accomplish this is for the woman to find a way to incorporate taking the pill into her lifestyle.  For example, keeping the pills with her toothbrush. She brushes her teeth everyday so she can take the pill at the same time, thereby getting into the routine. It doesn't matter whether she takes her pill morning, noon or night, as long as it is consistent. If she takes Sunday's in the morning, then she needs to take it in the morning everyday. Always make sure you have at least one extra pack of pills> Many times, I have had patients come into the clinic at the last minute or the day after they were to begin a new pack because they forgot they needed them. If she forgets a pill, she can take it as soon as she remembers, if she doesn't remember until she goes to take the next pill., she can take both of them at the same time.  The object is not to miss any.  If she misses more than two, SHE IS UNPROTECTED AGAINST PREGNANCY and you need to use another method and she needs to wait until her period and start all over again.

 Sometimes, medications can counteract the effectiveness of the pill. It is important that she tell her health care providers she is using the pill EVERYTIME they need to write her a prescription so they can give her something that will not lessen the pill's effects or can tell her there is a risk involved for pregnancy.  When in doubt, use an additional method.

If your girlfriend remembers to take her pill everyday and keeps these things in mind, the chances of getting pregnant are very slim. But remember, nothing except abstinence and sterilization are 100% effective.

 If by chance, she has trouble remember to take the pill, there are other methods available and she should talk to her doctor about her options. As for condoms, as you probably know, the pill does not protect you against HIV or sexually transmitted diseases so condoms should still be used. 

 Unless you have both only been with ONLY each other-meaning you were both virgins when you started having sex-and you have both been tested for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, then condoms are a must.  There are no tests for certain sexually transmitted diseases so it is hard to know if you are both 100% safe unless neither of you have had sex with anyone else. If the condoms are a little rough feeling for her, try using some additional water based lubricant like KY liquid in addition to the condom. I hope this helps! Kelly Connell MS.Ed.


HTHGS: Jacuzziís and pregnancy (written by Kelly Connell MS.Ed)

Ask Kelly,
I have a question, and I hope you guys can help. It might sound weird. If I was in a Jacuzzi with my girlfriend, and I cum in the water lets say, is there any way she can become pregnant? and if I finger her and pleasure her, with my finger in the water is there any way she can become pregnant? if you can  help me, or let me know who can, I would greatly appreciate it. Nate

Dear Nate,
No, I don't think there is any way your girlfriend can become pregnant by what you are describing here.  Sperm are actually very fragile creatures who are very sensitive to extreme temperatures.  The temperature in the average hot tub or Jacuzzi would not allow the sperm to live beyond a minute at the longest, I would think.

 Think about this-sperm is manufactured and stored in your testicles. The testicles are outside the body because they need to be cooler than your normal body temp (98.6 degrees) to survive.  The testicles also contract upward or downward depending on the outside temp.  That is why when it is cold they may feel like they are all the way up in your abdomen and when it is hot, they feel like they are hanging down to your knees.  IT is your body's way of trying to regulate itself for the survival of the sperm. Fingering her is fine too. The only risk I can think of is if you have semen on your finger that has not been in the water and insert it inside her vagina immediately after ejaculation. And that is such a small chance, I would not be too concerned about it.

 HOWEVER, if you are having sex and do not want to become pregnant, I would suggest using a reliable method of birth control all the time.  Condoms should also be used for protection against HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. I hope this helps. Kelly Connell MS.Ed




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