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  • Moving testicles (written by Shan&Claude)

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  • Itchy Balls (written by Shan & Claude)

HTHGS: Moving Testicles

Ask Shan & Claude Colestock, 
Hey, I am a fourteen year old boy and I have a question to ask. Sometimes I notice that my testicles are moving, they get bigger then smaller. It's like they are trying to breathe or something. The only time I realize this happening is when my stomach is hurting. Also when I get hit there, it gives me diarrhea and they move. I asked some of my friends about this and they said I was weird. Should I be concerned about this? Thanks for you help, Arcanum 

Dear Arcanum, You are normal.  Testicles naturally move.  When a person is cold they move closer to the body and when a person is hot they move away from the body. This is because the testicles need to adjust the temperature of the sperm inside the testicles.  Perhaps this may contribute to you thinking they are changing size?  The body goes through a variety of changes during puberty. The penis and testicles increase in size.  Young men and women begin to sweat along with a variety of other changes.  The only thing that you have to be concerned about is that when you went to your friends with sensitive and personal questions they insulted you!  That is not nice.  You are not weird and we have feeling your friends probably have the same questions that you do but are afraid to ask!  Congratulations on being brave enough to ask important questions about your health and body! Unfortunately, due to this site being only for people age 21 and over, we will need to re-direct all future questions to The Council for Positive Sexuality, To your health, Shan & Claude Colestock This tip was originally written by Shan & Claude Colestock

HTHGS: Letters to the editor, 

Letter to the editor,
Please pay attention to your audience. When a fourteen year old kid tells you he has pain in his belly and swollen testicles, you reply that he is normal? Far from being helpful, you casual disregard and obvious lack of training and knowledge can be downright harmful! This boy may be suffering from any number of problems for which he may need medical attention, including testicular torsion, which is common enough that even laymen should be aware of it. The symptoms are exactly what he described.

Please retract your response to him and set things straight before some poor kid ends up sterile.

Letter to the editor,
Regarding the moving testicles:  it could be a hernia, too.  this boy needs to be seen by a physician to make sure it is not.
Steve Featherkile, PA-C

Letter to the editor,
I read your comments to the young man who could feel his testicles growing when his abdomen was hurting.  This may also be a sign of an inguinal hernia and need medical attention. Thx, KDR  

HTHGS: Itchy Balls (Written by Shan & Claude)


Ask Shan & Claude,

I am 21 years old and I want to know why my balls always itch. How can I stop this problem.


Dear itchy testicles,
Sometimes testicles just itch!  Because they itch does not mean that you have a sexually transmitted infection or any other problem.  If your testicles (actually your scrotum) continues itching and you continue to be concerned we definitely advise you to seek professional medical advise.  There may be a type of cream or balm that can ease your itching if you are interested in that type of approach.  When we hear of continuous itching we generally think of crabs or scabies which are completely curable.  However, they are not just on the scrotum as you have described.  Talking with a health care professional (and your parents) may put your mind at rest and communicating about your body and sexuality is an important skill to learn.  Shan & Claude

Letter to the editor (RE: The above response)
Hello there. I receive your newsletter regularly and appreciate it very much.  I have benefited from some of the advice and I think everyone should get information like what you give out.  Sex is natural and so important to humans despite some distorted religious values. I am writing about a letter you printed a while ago (a few weeks?).  A man asked about jock itch.  Your reply was something like he should consult a doctor. I had a severe problem with jock itch, scratching to the point of wounding and scarring myself.  It was awful.  Then at some point, I realized a new soap I bought made my skin itch.  So I ditched the soap, and I tried something else as well: I stopped washing my scrotum with regular soap, using only water.  The itch was gone in a matter of two days.  Then I tried glycerin soap.  There is no itch whatsoever, and you can choose from several flavors for your partner (peach, melon, orange, etc).  Not only do I no longer itch, but my wife even buys different flavors of glycerin soap, and tells me what flavor she wants.  "Honey, how about washing with the peach soap tonight?"  Less itch, more fun... need I say more? Chances are that jock itch is simply caused by soap on sensitive skin. I am sure many men out there could use this information. Itch-less


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