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Sexually Transmitted Infections


HTHGS: How STI’s are transmitted (written by Shan &Claude)  

Ask Shan & Claude,  
I've heard many different answers on this question but I need to be sure of the right one. Can you or can you not get a sexually transmitted disease from giving or getting oral sex? If so, how are you supposed to guard against this? Thanks. confused guy  

Dear confused guy,
You absolutely CAN get and give sexually transmitted diseases from oral intercourse.  There is no way to say “there is a x% or y% chance of getting this or that disease.”  We will say that the risks are lower than intercourse/body penetration – and also the receiver is usually at less risk than the giver.  When body fluids are exchanged there is always a chance of something happening – usually the question is – which body fluids.  The way to totally protect yourself if you are going to partake is to use a condom or dental dam.  The dental dams are getting a little more popular – it is a small piece of latex that can be stretched over any part of the body – to provide a barrier.  Hope that answers the question once and for all, Shan & Claude  


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