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Sex & Candles

HTHGS:  Sex & candle wax (written by Shan & Claude, MS.Ed.)

Ask Shan & Claude,
Ok so this girl I have been seeing is kind of kinky, and she brought up the idea of dripping hot wax on each other for sexual pleasure (I am not sure of the technical term). I am kind of interested in it and I had some questions. I was wondering if there are certain types of candles to use, and if the wax would leave any scars. Any other info you have on the topic would be appreciative. Thanks JB

Dear JB,
The wax will not leave scars.  We have been told that the cheapest wax candles are the best to use because they burn the fastest and therefore cool (on the body) the fastest.  You can modify the temperature by controlling the distance you allow the wax to fall from the candle to the body.  Keep in mind that it can make a mess and watch flammable objects!  You may want to know where a functioning fire extinguisher is in your place or keep one nearby.  In most aspects of sex - once the safety is taken care of then the real fun begins!  There are many cultures (especially the Japanese) who have turned candle wax and sex into an art form you may find a lot of info on the internet. Shan & Claude



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