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HTHGS: Poppers (written by Shan & Claude)

Ask Shan & Claude,
I have heard a lot about things called poppers and what they do. I heard that  lose anal muscles makes it easier. Can you tell me what's the story with them and are they legal?? “It’s Nice to be important, but more important to be nice"

Dear “it’s more important to be nice,”
Poppers are often associated with gay culture.  For years ads for poppers were only in gay literature and advertising.   They are now illegal.  Poppers are similar to huffing ­ sniffing a type of gas or substance that gives you a throbbing rush and a short euphoric “high.”  They are vascular dilators and are classified as nitrite inhalants.  There are some serious health complications that have resulted from poppers and other huffing products.  We will not go into the laundry list of possible negative side effects ­ but the list is long and not pleasant.  Some people do become hooked/addicted to them and have trouble having intercourse or experience orgasm without them.  They are a short-lived dose of excitement that to us is not worth the risk involved.  They could possibly have some effect of loosing the anal sphincter because they are dilators, however most likely they just help people have more sex in the same way that alcohol does ­ by impairing judgment and dulling inhibitions.  We would recommend you not do them ­ but to each their own.  Drugs generally cloud peoples’ perceptions and contribute to people doing more risky and more dangerous behaviors than they ever would sober or not high.  If you want to learn to make sex more comfortable or fun ­ spend the time to do it right ­ not artificially.  Shan & Claude



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