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  • The G-spot (written by Shan&Claude)

  • G-Spot stimulation via anal sex (Written by Shan&Claude)

  • The G-spot (written by other sexperts) 


Ask Shan & Claude,
I need help. I was wondering what are some positions I could put my girl in. I need some position that helps me to get to the G-Spot better. I want to see if I can give her multiple orgasms. I heard entering the virgin from the doggy style position makes women have better orgasms. Is that true?

Dear G-spot seeker,
When compared to missionary penile-vaginal intercourse, doggie-style probably does have a better likelihood of stimulating the G-spot.  But, it may be hard to stimulate through penile-vaginal intercourse at all.  All women are different, but from our understanding you may have better luck stimulating her G-spot with your fingers or toys.  Most people agree that the G-spot is on the “roof” of the vagina.  If you were going to stimulate it in an effort to help your partner have multiple orgasm make sure not to insert your fingers in-and-out but almost rather up-and-down.  When you insert them you will angle and cup them so they massage the top and front of the vagina – almost like you were pointing back at yourself.  Some people do not believe in a G-spot but instead think that the “legs” of the clitoris travel at the top and front of the vagina.  If you examine a biological diagram of female anatomy you will be able to see where the legs of the clitoris are located and may have a better chance of stimulating them.  If you combine oral stimulation on her clitoris and G-spot stimulation with your fingers we suspect you may be able to contribute to her having many orgasms.  There are also many toys that are specially designed to stimulate the G-spot (attachments and bent vibrators, etc).

 Just keep in mind that everyone should be responsible for his or her own orgasms.  You can help – of course, however if she wants multiple orgasms she may have to practice with herself a while!  You know what they say – practice makes perfect!  What could be more fun to practice?  If she can figure it out for herself she may have a greater ability to explain what it takes to you.  You can also make it fun figuring this all out together.  Either way communication is always important and it is not the number as much as it is about quality! Enjoy, Shan & Claude

HTHGS: G-Spot stimulation via anal sex (Written by Shan&Claude)

Ask Shannon & Claude,
My question concerns g-spot stimulation via anal sex. I have read in several places that the g-spot in women is more highly stimulated through anal sex due to the thinner tissue walls in the rectum. This confuses me because my recollection of the anatomical structure of the vagina tells me that the g-spot is located on the "roof" of the vagina. However, in order for it to be stimulated anally the g-spot would have to be on the "floor" of the vagina. Is there something I'm missing here? Are there two g-spots, or is the spongy tissue of the g-spot area actually circuitous around the vaginal area, or is this a totally incorrect statement????

I have had anal sex with women and they have had very powerful orgasms even without any kind of accompanying clitoral or vaginal stimulation, but they say that orgasms through g-spot stimulation in the vagina feels different to the orgasms achieved through anal sex. Basically, I don't get it. Yours, M.

Dear M,
It is very possible that with the penis or other penetrating(s) object that the G-spot could still be stimulated.  The membranes are thin and in that area of the body there isn’t anything thick  (like a bone) separating the body parts.  The pressure can be felt and transmitted throughout the area.  Without anything in the vagina the penis or dildo could definitely put  “pressure” on the G-spot which could be very enjoyable to some women – so much so that they orgasm.  The penis or toy would not necessarily have to be directly touching the G-spot.  Imagine if you got a massage under a down comforter.  You wouldn’t feel as much sensation during the massage – but you would still feel generalized pressure – same thing here.  Also, remember that orgasms and pleasure are more in the mind than of the body.  Some people orgasm because of their thoughts and ideas – not from direct stimulation to a particular body part.  Hope that helps, Shan & Claude


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