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HTHGS: Sensitive foreskin, (written by Shan & Claude)

Ask Shan & Claude,
Iíd prefer my name and stuff not to be giving out, if you donít mind lol, well anyway, I got this lil "problem" if you would call it. I donít know, its not really, as in everything works ok, but the fact I was never taught as a child to "pull my skin back" (foreskin) and when I realized I had to, and tried, its painful, party because the skin is slightly tight at the top, although the doctor says it doesnít need circumcision or however you spell it, and when the head is exposed, it is extremely sensitive, and it hurts if touched. Which cannot be good if I'm going to be having sex or that kind of conduct. Iím not sure what to do, when it is fully erect, the head is not exposed, but slightly, which as far as Iím aware is the way it should be when not erect. What I think has happened, is as I never pulled it back, the top stayed kind of tight, but the rest has stretched, leaving me with to much skin. Is that possible? If so, what should I do about it? Or is that normal? I donít really know what to do, an I donít really want to go back to the doctor incase he just tells me to go away, he told me to just keep pulling the skin back, which I cant, as it hurts I just leave it, and even when I do pull it back (Iíve never been able to do so while hard, it hurts 2 much) but was able to do so when small once, but looks like thereís way to much skin. Its bothering me quite a bit, but anyway, I would greatly appreciate any help you could give me on this. And would having the head not totally exposed be a turn off for women? please get back to me as soon as you can, thanks.

Dear foreskin question,
We would not recommend that you do anything that hurts you!  If you could stretch your foreskin without much pain and you were willing to try that would be a different story.  It seems that it causes you a lot of pain.  It sounds like your doctor may not be very understanding either.  We know that it can embarrassing to see a medical professional, but it is better than suffering or being confused.  We are proud that you were looking out for yourself and asked for help!  You may want to try going to a Planned Parenthood ≠ it will most likely be free and they should be way more understanding and sensitive to your situation.  We have no way of telling if there is anything wrong with your penis or foreskin ≠ so you may want to follow up with a doctor or health center that is more in touch with your needs.  We would recommend that before you asked about your foreskin you ask some sexuality related questions to a health care provider and see how they handle it.  Did they dismiss you?  Did they laugh?  Did they make you feel comfortable?  When you find someone who is kind and a good listener - ask them.  This may take looking around a little ≠ but it is your health and it is worth it! Shan & Claude



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