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HTHGS:    Prince Edward Island - by Paula
                     Erotic Story - by Billy
                     Our First Time - by a subscriber
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HTHGS: Prince Edward Island - by Paula
Growing up on Prince Edward Island was always a nice experience for me the air smelled like pine trees and the closeness of the sea brought relief form the warm summer temperatures that seemed to make your clothes stick to your skin even after a bath.

Anna Delusia and I grew up together, although she was 3-1/2 years older we were like sisters. We shared everything, even our clothes, until she started blossoming before me. It was late summer, a typical hot dry day and I decided to go to Anna's farm to spend the day with her. I had just turned 14 a week earlier and Anna was going to be 18 in the fall.

That day I wore a red & white checked dress, loose and airy down to my  knees, I remember it was comfortable and cool, and a pink ribbon that my Grandmother had put in my hair. "Do not you loose it was your great-grandmothers"...I can still hear her say. Anna had a way with me...she would take my hand as we walked along kassie's creek and it seemed so natural...I didn't know it then. but she was really becoming more to me.....

We eventually ended up at the barn, an imposing structure, as her father was one of the more successful farmers in the area. As we entered the cool darkness of the interior, it hit me like a wall it was so pleasant. We decided to go up to the loft, I didn't mind although the upper structure of the barn is always warmer...but the hay was fresh and it smelled so sweet.

Anna went up the ladder first and by the time I got up she was on her  hands & knees at the hay-loft door, where we lift the bails and swing them into the loft, she was looking for her brothers in the barley fields, her dress was much like mine, loose and breezy, I remembered looking at her figure under the light fabric and yearning for the day that I had hips like hers, that could hold up my jeans. she turned over and fell into the hay, a big smile on her face, and she  had such a lovely face. oval with almond shaped blue eyes and golden hair to her shoulders. Grandma always said "golden haired girls are early to bloom" and that was Anna. I laid next to her. thinking of how fast the summer was going. and Anna would be off to University soon. my only real friend. grown & gone. not a happy prospect.

She must have been thinking the same thoughts...getting up on one elbow...she brought her face close to mine and look  very intently into my eyes, I had never seen her so serious. It sort of  worried me.."you know Paula"..she started..."I’ll soon be gone to school"  "will you miss me?”. my heart ached to tell her how much. but I couldn't  "oh yes" was all I could say...I'll just bet" she said...and it hurt! Up she rose. and was climbing down the ladder. with a cute smile on her face I can still I followed, but since it was close to dinner time I said my good-by's and went home. All night, in bed, I thought about Anna. the nearness of her face to me  that afternoon, the scent of her shampoo, and the sparkle in her blue eyes......... I never got to sleep. The next day I had to see her again, something pulled me there, to the barn, and I found Anna once again in the loft. "hi".. I said...what ya doing'" ..but my heart wasn't in it. I was so tired from not sleeping the night before. and the strange conflict in my heart, which I couldn't quite put my finger on. "hiiiii"..she a very strange way...drawing it out. I thought maybe she had been drinking. But I plopped down next to her, and snuggled into the hay, and she drew closer to me, we were both very happy that day. I had a feeling of destiny closing  in on me. We lay there looking up at the rafters, the ever-present "buzz" of the flies that are a part of every barn, and the wasp building the nest on the ceiling. It started to rain and the humidity rose. but the hay was soft and sweet and dry so we didn't mind.

 I undid the top two buttons of my dress, I wore no bra. didn’t need one yet (darn it!)..and let the air waif across my tiny breasts, bringing a moment of cool comfort. but then a drop of rain fell through the roof and onto my breast. Anna leaned over to me, but her hair fell over her face onto my breasts and I couldn’t see what she was doing...I was frozen in time. I felt her lips touch my breasts and kiss off the rain drop...!!! sent a shudder through me I was certain she felt because she lifted her head and brushed that golden hair of hers back from her face to reveal a strange look. her eyes were glazed over and she had that smile again. I could do was smile back... the moment stretched on like time had stopped...........but the next few minutes are etched in my mind like it happened yesterday....Anna reach under my dress to put her hand on my thigh...and I froze I would do several times in the next few minutes...she lifted my dress over my hips to expose my cotton panties...I was both ashamed and exhilarated...Anna put her fingers under the elastic band around my upper thigh and pulled aside the fabric . . . .. leaning over she placed her lips onto the flesh next to my mound...and kissed me sent another electric shock through me that almost made me bolt upright. But before I could protest. if I could even speak at that moment...she had her head down on my knees. kissing a very sensitive spot on the inside of my knee. a 14 year old girl has no way of knowing there are spots like that on her young body...and it was breathtaking. As she proceeded up the inside of my thigh...I began to notice the rough texture of her tongue..draging up the soft tissue of my thigh...I was again frozen. wondering what her destination was. but knowing all along in my heart, where she was taking this.

Without even feeling her doing it...she had my panties pulled down to my knees. and was lifting my legs up to bend them so she could have a more comfortable access to my split, and access she had now....she took one moment to stop, and smiled at me again, then lowered her head onto my clitoris....the shock of her tongue touching me there...well ... I bucked straight up......bridged my neck and I must have let out a small scream...because she gently shushed me...and went back to her pleasure...I was beginning to feel the rumblings of my first orgasm.. it built like the thunderstorm blowing outside and flooded across me like a tidal wave...time was suspended...when I regained my perception...I was aware of a sound like listening to sea shells with both ears. a whooshing sound...and slowly it was replaced with the sounds of the barn again, the buzzing flies and the rain...gently falling now... Anna had her head resting on my shoulder...kissing me softly...and stroking my heart was pounding so loud I thought everyone in town could hear it. and I could scarcely breath......when I looked over at Anna. her face was glistening all around her "wetness" was on her...and she was licking her upper mind was going in a million different directions...did she really like "my taste"...before I could ask her she reached out and drew me to her. I rolled over onto her and found myself hovering above her groin.....I pulled down her panties and was astonished to see she had a shaved mound...completely hairless. and the aroma...clean & sweet ..but with a earthy smell that mingled with the animal smells in the barn and the sweet smell of the hay...I went down to her slit with no shame....and tasted the wetness of her body...I found it was like licking honey off a spoon...I'll never forget that first taste as long as I live....and she let out the moan this time. like an animal......primitive and deep from inside her chest....I worked till I felt the climax building to a peak...and as she came...she gushed....into my mouth and down my chin....I drank deep............................................and time was suspended again.....we laid in each others arms for what seemed like hours.......waiting for the rain to stop...and hoping it never would.......As the summer wore on we met at the barn frequently...and she showed me different side to her times she would stalk me through the a tigeress..on her hands and knees. naked and covered with sweat...the straw sticking to her body. and her tangled mane of hair cascading over her shoulder and face. and she'd peek out  at me with one eye. the "hunger" clear...and I was compelled to obey  ....and when we were finished....she could lie there...her breasts   heaving... she'd see me looking at her...and like a "chased suzanna"  she would cover her nakedness with fluttering and..but looking every bit like otticelli's "angel" in the afternoon's soft light.  Anna went off to school that fall. and we slowly lost touch with each  other...but I will never forget her...or what we had for a few minutes on a rainy summer day on Prince Edward Island....


HTHGS: Erotic Story by Billy


luv billy

HTHGS: Erotic story - Our first time

 Soon after I met Deb, the woman who would eventually become my wife, I started having fantasies of watching her have sex with another man. Now, Deb is a super-hot lady, with a great body and a face to match, olive skin and the nicest pair of tits that ever graced a  female body. The first thing that attracted me to her was her ass. She was working in an old bookstore, you know, the kind with the ladders. She was arranging books on the top shelf, and I was thinking about sinking my cock balls-deep between her asscheeks. I must have been standing there watching that ass of hers for half an hour--but of course it wasn't that long. And she must have felt my eyes on her shapely buttocks, because she turned around and gave me a smile that said, "I want that cock of yours wherever you want to put it!" I asked her out then and there, as she climbed down the ladder. And on our first date, she took my cock in every one of her holes. That was eight years ago. As I said, it wasn't long afterward that I started thinking about her with another man. My fantasy was to watch her suck as big of a cock as she could take while I fucked her from behind in her pussy and ass. I don't know what it was. Maybe it's just that she's such a hot fuck that I wanted to see what another cock would do for her. And I carried this fantasy around with me, keeping it to myself, for eight years. Then one night she brought up the subject of swinging.

 "Honey," she said, "have you ever thought about being with me and another woman?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Of course I had thought of that! Any man who hasn't thought about being with two women at the same time is a fucking liar! My cock got hard just thinking about her sucking my cock as another woman straddled my face! But I knew exactly where this was going, so I turned it around on her.

 "Well, sure," I said, stifling my delight that we were even having this conversation. "But what I was thinking about was you and another man. Now that's something I'd like to see!"

 "Really?" she said, climbing on top of me and slowly working my cock into her tight, wet pussy. "Would you really like to see me with another man?" she smiled, as she slid down the length of my hard-on. She started moving up and down my cock as she reached around and cupped my balls, massaging them and bringing me close to shooting my hot, sticky cum.

 "Uh huh," I groaned, just as my rock-hard cock swelled to shoot its nasty load deep inside her quivering pussy. "I've been thinking about it a lot, for a long, long time." Then I came. 

Well, to make a long story short, we talked about it and decided that we'd try it. We combed the swingers' magazines, decided to respond to two ads to begin with, took a few Polaroids, wrote a hot letter, and sent them off to the advertisers. Then we waited.

 While we waited to hear from the advertisers, we had some unbelievably good sex. I would get home from work and Deb would be lying on the bed with the magazines open, maybe an x-rated video in the VCR, completely naked and bringing herself off who knows how many times. And I'd think about what could happen all day long, so by the time I got home my cum-swollen balls would be aching for release. Deb would be happy to take care of my rather large problem. She loved kissing my balls and sucking my cock. She also loved it when I gave it to her up the ass. 

Finally (well, we didn't have to wait that long!), we received replies from the advertisers we responded to. There was something about the first response that immediately turned us off. The couple came across as a little pushy, even aggressive, and though we were set on giving this thing a try, we both agreed they really didn't come across as being our kind of people. But the other advertiser--now that was a different story! They sent us a letter along with their phone number and a couple more Polaroids, and they looked even better in these photos than they did in the ones in the magazine. Sue was the lady's name, and she was gorgeous....early 40's, nice tits, a great ass, and a closely trimmed pussy. I knew it would be something I'd never forget to have both Deb and Sue in bed. Rich, her husband, was--no lie--enormous. His cock must have been 10 inches long. Deb's pussy was soaking wet by the time we were finished reading their letter. I picked up the phone and handed it to Deb, and she dialed their number. And we were on our way. 

Rich answered the phone, and Deb introduced herself. I decided to let her do all the talking. He had Sue get on the line, and the three of them talked for a while--you know, nervous small talk. Eventually Deb got around to making a date with them that weekend. We'd go to a bar, have a drink or two, and see if anything developed. As Deb was talking,I was thinking of her sucking that massive cock of Rich's, which made my own cock throb. Deb even reached over and started jacking me off while she talked with the two on the other end! 

It seemed like the weekend would never arrive. All week long we talked about what might happen, and, again, throughout the week the sex was great. Then Saturday finally arrived. We were both really nervous. Deb dressed conservatively. I guess she didn't want to look like the cum slut she really is. God, she loves cum! The way she dressed reminded me of the time I first saw her in the bookstore. I knew tonight she would be fucked like she'd never been fucked before...either by Rich or, if it didn't work out, me.

 We met them at the bar. As soon as we walked in we saw them. Sue was wearing a very short skirt, with high heels and a low-cut blouse. I quickly forgot my fantasy about watching Deb get fucked by another cock and started thinking instead about licking that sweet pussy of hers. I love the "69" position. I love licking a pussy and asshole while my cock is being swallowed by a beautiful woman. We introduced ourselves, and it was obvious to me that Rich was thinking the same things about Deb that I was thinking about Sue. We sat down next to them and started talking, and, very soon after that, I saw Sue give Rich a look which must have meant something like "Let's get the hell out of here and go fuck!" Rich nodded, and Sue looked at Deb and said, "We've got a room at the Radisson, and we've got two beds...would you two like to join us?"

  I was still nodding yes as we rode up the elevator on the way to their room. As soon as we were inside, it didn't take long before we were out of our clothes! Rich's massive cock was sticking straight out, his big hairy balls dangling between his legs, and Deb looked at me with lust in her eyes and moaned, "Oh look, Honey, a big cock just for me!" She got down on her knees before that monster prick and started kissing it and licking it and rubbing it all over her face, tonguing its swollen head and taking it into her mouth as she massaged his bloated balls. Sue came over to me and kissed me lightly as she reached down and started stroking my swollen cock. I stood there for a moment, completely dazed by the spectacle in front of me. There was my wife, lavishly kissing and licking and sucking on another man's huge cock while I watched, losing herself in the lust of the moment, totally oblivious to everything except her own pleasure. At that moment I felt I needed to lie down. I invited Sue to climb on top of me! Sue and I got on the bed and immediately assumed the "69" with her on top. I could tell she was very fond of sucking cock, because she did it so well. She took my cock deep into her mouth and coated it with her warm and slippery saliva, using her hand in an up-and-down motion that nearly drove me crazy. I started licking her delicious pussy. It was so wild! Now, there's nothing like the taste of my wife's pussy.

Still, there was something extremely exciting about tasting another woman's pussy. As I found out later, Deb was thinking the same thing as she sucked Rich's erect cock. It was different, and that's part of why it was so thrilling. By the time Sue was thrusting her pussy down on my face in orgasm, Deb and Rich had switched positions, and now he was kneeling behind her, licking her asshole!

I got behind Sue and slipped into her doggystyle, my hands caressing her buttocks, my fingers dipping into her tiny backdoor. From this angle I could see everything! Deb was looking straight at me, her eyes communicating a passion I had never seen before. Rich was licking out her ass, and she was loving every minute of it! I could see his giant hard-on sticking straight out and throbbing as he tongued her. Sue moaned gently as I fucked her, saying out loud, "Oh Rich, his cock is so nice!

It's such a beautiful cock!" She looked back at me over her shoulder and smiled, and I started thinking about filling her with my cum. She had the perfect ass, a great pussy, and she loved feeling my cock inside her.

 It didn't take long before I came, especially after I watched what my wife and Rich did next. Rich stood up and gently, but firmly, led Deb to the edge of the other bed. He sat down, his cock jutting straight up, and brought her over, facing him. He then gently pulled her down on his massive erection, reaching behind her and pulling open her ass cheeks as he penetrated her tight pussy. Deb threw her head back ad let out a guttural moan that told me she had never been filled with a cock this size before. She was delirious with lust, and she groaned and giggled as he lifted her up and then pulled her back down, soon burying his cock all the way in her cunt. This is what I had fantasized about! From my position I could see his cock stretch her pussy as far as it would go. I could see his fingers probe her asshole as his cock invaded her tiny pussy. I could see my wife's juices coating his cock, gleaming in the light as it thrust in and out of her. Sue sensed that I was about to explode and she called out to her husband, "He's coming, he's coming!" Rich immediately turned his attention to Sue, who quickly spun around to catch my spunk as it leaped from my cock. She let me spray my cum all over her face, moaning, "Mmmm, it's so thick and delicious!"

  That was what did it for Rich. By this time Deb was ecstatic, feeling his cock thrusting in and out of her steamy pussy as Sue and I watched. He lifted her high and brought her back down on top of that gigantic cock of his, slowly and then faster and faster. Deb was oohing and ahhing and moaning. She was completely his! Then, as Rich's cock swelled up with cum, it grew longer and fatter, which made Deb lose all control. Suddenly, he brought her down on his cock and held her there as he filled her with his thick semen. He shot his whole load deep inside her, and all Deb could say was, "He's still cumming, he's still cumming, oh my God, he's filling me with so much cum!" And then she came, just as she cums with me! She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply as he sprayed his cum deep inside her. She shuddered and then went completely limp as her body was wracked by her powerful orgasm!

 Deb and I had agreed that if something happened, we would leave as soon as it was over. Of course, we didn't just get up and leave. But we needed to be alone together, since this was our first time, to talk about what happened. So we left soon after, promising to give them a call, not actually knowing or believing we were telling them the truth. We talked all night long, and here's the strange part of it all, the part most people would never believe: I realized that, as I was watching Rich fuck my beautiful wife with the largest, thickest cock she's ever had before, I felt as though I was making love to her! And Deb felt the same way as she watched me fuck Sue. 

We got up the courage and called them a few days later, and they said they had a great time and wanted to do it again sometime soon. So...we invited them over to our house just last weekend, and that night was even better than the first (Deb and Sue treated me to a blowjob I will never forget!). We've also decided to contact some more advertisers, because now Deb and I have another fantasy. Someday we're going to host an orgy, with five or six other couples! Deb says she can't wait to see so many hard cocks at one time. Hell, I can't wait to see her take 'em on, and, of course, eat all that pussy!

                Written by a subscriber!




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